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My favorite caches are located in Californa primarily. For one reason or another, these are my favorites with my recommendations on why you might be interested in scoping them out. Let me know what you think, especially if you are in San Diego county, CA, USA. I accept recommendations also...Mike

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GCC52D Locationless (Reverse) Cache California's Gold
  You should be a fan of the quirky Huell Houser from PBS fame. This really is a neat type of cache and many are still available and the new season (October 2005) is about to begin. I'll have my eyes on a couple of the Encinitas Highlights...  

GCNNGG Traditional Cache Can't Believe I Had To Come Here
  Very cleaver hide. Magnetic container but even though was the only metal item around the waypoint, still didn't find it right off. In fact, found the part that the cache was attached to but still missed it. Finally went back and tried again. Oh the simplicity...  

GCKXQY Traditional Cache Cedar Fire 2003
  My first Hide and beyond that, not high on the list for others...

This cache commemorated the 1 year anniversary of the the first day of the Cedar Fire. I lost my home and my in-laws lost theirs just 1000 feet from ours that night. This cache is about .2 miles away in the same valley where 4 people died that first night. 8 more folks died on the other side of the canyon from this cache also. 15 lives were lost and 2,400 homes were destroyed. I added this cache to this bookmark list 3 days before the second anniversary of the fire.

I no longer live in the valley but my ex-wife is now in the replacement dwelling. I relocated to Mazama WA in part due to this event.

GCM4X2 Multi-cache Cross With Honor at Mt. Soledad
  OK, I'm partial as this is my very own #3 hide and my favorite cache in this bookmark set.

The Mt. Soledad Cross has made national news for years and its presence is still tied up in the courts.

This cache is fairly tuf multi, has been muggled, provides spectacular views, and is a tribute to 3200 vets who will soon have a a dedicated plaque affixed to the memorial's walls.

GCM4MH Traditional Cache Desert Reflections
  This one is way out east but is very cool for it's simplicity, hidden in plain sight. If it was any simplier, it would be the highest difficulty. I have an image attached to this one which I think is spectacular...oh, and this was 2nd FTF...  

GCDE99 Traditional Cache Guy's Cache [Winthrop, WA]
  Very thoughtful cache located in downtown Winthrop in full view of muggles and workable in the winter unless the snowfall is very heavy.

Although a micro, it's a nice blend of existing and added, with a touch of old. The actual cache is much like the items found at the Mazama Country Store's on the old timbers blended into the newer construction.

This was my first find in Washington state.

GCQZK5 Traditional Cache Indiana Ed’s Subterranean Cache
  Wonderful trip in the outback and down-under. Near Barrett Lake, this is an easy 1.5 mile walk to the far end (a but past the cache) of the tunnel...  

  This is the original stash placed in 2000, in Viola Oregon. A bunch of people made this happen and keep it serviced.  

GC73F Traditional Cache Stelzer Summit
  A tuffer hike for an old fart but took my daughter along for her first cache and made for a special day.

Cache is nicely hidden (watch out for the PO), full size ammo can and also I have hidden an easy one at the bottom of the summit (Cynthea's Place - GCM0HA).

Stelzer County Park is my long time favorite personal county park since the day it opened...we were there

GCGCC2 Traditional Cache unBlocked Passage Shop n' Cache
  Very nice Camo Job and a nice little park-like location next to Costco, west of the Stadium, Mission Valley.  
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