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GPSr not required (shared, public)

List Owner: mrducky

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This is a list of caches that can be found without using a GPSr. I started hunting a few caches without a GPSr after I learned WaldenRun often does it that way. I like maps, so I use a map, satellite photo, and sometimes a compass to help me find these caches.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCMZFW Traditional Cache "494"
  But I did have to use the hint, and it still took a while.  

GC19P8F Traditional Cache "Eagle" Eye
  The satellite photo was perfect for this one. I had my GPSr in my pocket just in case, but it wasn't needed.  

GC22474 Unknown Cache #1: The Quest for the Holy Grail
  Using the hint, I walked right up to it after hiking a mile and a half or so.  

GC43DM7 Unknown Cache :)

GC3FZXY Unknown Cache 1/3 2/5 3/7 -.-. .- -.-. .... .
  easy one, good landmarks and good hint.  

GC1NBVB Unknown Cache 17

GC189PJ Unknown Cache 22
  Use the hint, first place I looked.  

GCXMAF Traditional Cache 24 Seconds
  Use the clues, not the coords.  

GC11AWT Traditional Cache 3/09/07 a cache a day night style
  I counted paces from the road, then looked for footprints in the snow. I probably couldn't have found it without a GPSr without the snow.  

GC11AWW Traditional Cache 3/10/07 a cache a day night style
  These footprints in the snow sure do help when you aren't using a GPSr!  

GC20VBK Unknown Cache 3D Binary
  I studied the satellite view before leaving home. Found it first place I looked.  

GC29C5R Traditional Cache 5 Mile Island
  The good description and hint led us right to it.  

GC23YX7 Unknown Cache 50
  Don't bother with either a Magellan or Garmin on this one. Just do your homework ahead of time, and it will be much easier.  

GC17F1K Traditional Cache 50 State Geocache Series, Vermont #14
  Another one that is quicker without GPSr.  

GC1J67J Unknown Cache 50 States - Mississippi
  I started on the wrong side of the road, then found it quickly on the other side.  

GC1AFR1 Unknown Cache 50 States Geocache Series-Mississippi
  I picked a couple of landmarks before leaving home. Nearing the site, footprints in the snow confirmed I was in the correct area.  

GCZT8M Traditional Cache A Cache for the Restivus
  Not in the first or second place I looked, but not far away.  

GC240Z0 Unknown Cache A Floydian Slip
  Easy find with just a satellite view.  

GC1EJ56 Unknown Cache A Tale of Two Photos

  Well, this one is intended to be found without a GPSr. It's a very fun change of pace to be looking around to match the pictures rather than following the arrow on the GPSr.  
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