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Geocaches located within .50 km of Mid State Trail (shared, public)

List Owner: rindercella

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A few caches are smack dab on the Mid State Trail. Most are within .50 km of the Trail. A few are more than .50 km but may be worth the side trip.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC57CE Traditional Cache 7 Mts. Patch Cache

GC21VDT Traditional Cache A Stop In Ramsey

GC1EN5C Traditional Cache Antrim

GCMRF9 Traditional Cache At Witt's End

GC2A6EW Traditional Cache Babbs Rocks
  Cache is located very near the MST high water route.  


GCZN95 Traditional Cache BCH 1-- Etna Furnace

GC284N8 Multi-cache Beyond Bowles

GC10KDK Traditional Cache Billy Goats Gruff

GC2KE4Z Traditional Cache Bobcats Bounding on West Boundary Trail
  Only a little over 200 yards off the MST.  

GC1ADFT Traditional Cache Bridge to Stump

GCFC52 Traditional Cache Broad Topper


GC11QFY Traditional Cache Cache of the Valley II

GC848F Traditional Cache Cajeput

GC1M0C7 Earthcache Charcoal Flats

GC11P7W Traditional Cache Chatham Run

GCN9RY Traditional Cache Cove View (MST) Cache

GCGVT1 Traditional Cache David's Vista

GC1TKK4 Traditional Cache Dehydrated
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