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My Favorite Caches (shared, public)

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For whatever reason, this list represents caches that stood out and made an impression. Either the creation of the puzzles were well done, or the final location is very special, of all of the pieces together make the cache a lot of fun. Most of these have a sentimental back story, so the perspective on these are highly subjective.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC7HQ78 Letterbox Hybrid ""😎 SIMON

GCPKBX Unknown Cache 1946 - By White Whiskey
  Craze, cool, tricky puzzles, and a high creepiness factor.
Whatelse can you ask for in a cache.

GCQ596 Traditional Cache A Special Memory

  In the top 5% of the top 5% list. What a great cache. Nice hides, well thought out, beautiful lake, and a right level of Jersey creepiness. And I loved the tube tunnel you drive through to get to the final.  

GC4WPTK Multi-cache Alien Broadcast

GC2039 Traditional Cache Alluvial Material (GC2039) - by Team Epitome
  Nevermind the wild history on this cache. This is a great hide by two of the early caching mad-minds.  

GC31 Traditional Cache Arikaree
  Beautiful location and one of the oldest caches.  

GCM8MG Unknown Cache Berserkr's Challenge
  Puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles. Another Top 5% of my top 5%. Tricks and sneaky problems to solve. Beautiful park and a nice hiking trails.

GCG342 Multi-cache Bill & Gary's Excellent Adventure II
  Of the top 5%, this is number 1. Great challenges, physical and mental. Long walks, and ticky hides. Not impossible and can easily be done on a weekend. This is the ultimate Geocachers challenge.  

GCJBGB Multi-cache Bill & Gary's Excellent Adventure III
  We traveled 600 miles to do this cache.
I'd do it again.

GCGN58 Traditional Cache Carhenge - Sacred Tourist Trap

GCNME9 Unknown Cache Choreographed Chaos
  Very near the top of the list. May push B&G Excellent adventure to No. 2.
This one will take you at least a couple weeks to complete. You'll learn a lot and get lost many times in the Pine Barrens if you not a native.
You better plan on many sleepless night thinking about the puzzles.

GCPD5M Unknown Cache Code Blue
  Great tour of Wharton SP.
This is a well thought out series of number puzzles.

GC83BC Multi-cache Copper Mine 3 (CU-3) (GC83BC) - by John Lambert
  Another great series of caches. CU-1 is so cool, CU-2 is kind of creepy in a way.  

GCGY04 Traditional Cache Devil’s Hole (GCGY04) - by BlueHook
  An adventure I took over three trips. This cache was the inspiration to my Meet Me On the Darkside of the Moon Cache (visit link)  

GC79VAX Traditional Cache DONKEY KACHE

GC2QQW4 Wherigo Cache Dunbar Dan
  This is an adventure that we weren't planning on doing. But as we were passing through the are the Wherigo caught my interested. We spent 2 hours chasing Dunbar Dan into the mountains and then had to race against a thunderstorm to get our of the cave and back to civilization.  

GC10VMY Earthcache Eternal Flame Falls Earthcache

GCHBHJ Traditional Cache Fairbank Memories
  Seems to be a typical AZ type hide. But we really enjoyed the walk to the ghost cemetery. Spotted several odd birds and lizards along the way. Although the temps were in the high 70's, the dry air and strong wind took a lot out us Jersey-ites.  

GC3FQDQ Wherigo Cache Fremont
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