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Sometimes the journey, sometimes the humor, sometimes the good times with friends - these are the very special ones from well over a thousand finds that are memorable long after the logbook is signed and put away.

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GC1C195 Earthcache Aplites, Pegmatites, and Dikes…. Oh My!!
  Well, it's not just because I scored an FTF here that this makes my list of favorites... TerryDad2 has never failed to give me an excellent learning experience at his EarthCache sites, but this one made my wife & I feel like little kids walking through the giant's workshop! The objects of study twist and turn all over the place. The site makes you feel like you're completely alone in the midst of a heavily-visited national park. The vista seen from this site is indescribably beautiful, and makes me want to return to see sunrise and sunset from this location. Don't pass this one up just because it's more than a few feet away from the parking lot - it will not disappoint you!  

GC24FFP Earthcache Areios pagos
  An excellent example of how an EarthCache can combine the geology of its location with the site's historical heritage. This is a stunning viewpoint, and its history alone makes it worth the visit. Throw in the fascinating geology and it's a real treat.  

GC15M5K Traditional Cache Black from Burnt Island
  The view and the benchmark here are well worth the effort it takes to access it. Imagine yourself nearly a hundred years ago at this point - where man-powered wooden boats traversed Turnagain Arm from Hope (south of this point) to here, bringing persons, mail, and supplies north. Exercise care crossing the railroad tracks - the trains are relatively quiet, more frequent than you know, and moving incredibly fast.  

GCHXTD Traditional Cache Boo Hoff Trail
  This cache is representative of the entire Boo Hoff Trail caching adventure the Alaska Wolfpack experienced on the first afternoon of their 2007 SoCal tour. What a great place to start our 3.5 day odyessy from the desert to the ocean and back again...  

GC1D5FF Traditional Cache Broad Pass Panorama
  I found this cache on a father's day weekend run to Denali Natl Park. It was sunny & warm, and the view was stupendous. It's a great place to stretch your legs on the long run through Broad Pass!  

GC1B7Y6 Earthcache Butler Wash Ruins
  Another place I'd never have experienced if a cacher hadn't shared one of their favorite places. The hike to the site is worth the journey alone, but once you arrive you'll realize what a true gem you've found.  

GCZJVR Traditional Cache Comfort Creek Cache
  An oasis in the desert... this was a stunningly beautiful place to visit. The journey to it was awesome, made all the richer by the sight and sound of flowing water - and that rampart of rock! Wilderness within minutes of Las Vegas...  

GC1DBA Traditional Cache Continental Divide at Loveland Pass
  Spectacular views, and a neat little trail to hike on the final approach. This was a capstone cache on a journey around the Four Corners region - my highest elevation find to date. It requires a marmot's eye view approach to caching, but it's worth the search.  

GCA4D Traditional Cache Cook's Nook
  I think this is the best view available in Kincaid Park - and that's measured against some tough contenders! It's one of Alaska's oldest caches, and offers you the chance to encounter moose, eagles, and perhaps a bear on the route to find it. Not far from the parking area in terms of yards, but thousands of years distant in terms of the view...  

GCZD9A Earthcache Copper Ridge Dinosaur Tracks
  You've seen their bones in museums, but to actually walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs? Wow! It doesn't hurt any that the place is beautiful out here in the desert either... especially in late May. Don't miss this one if you're anywhere near Moab.  

GCP7ZT Earthcache Cristianitos Fault & Nuclear Generation Plant?
  A great geology lesson and beachwalk combined - doesn't get much better! Did this as part of the Alaska WolfPack SoCal '07 GeoTour with Scobey & Ladybug Kids... great memories.  

GC1D5FT Traditional Cache Denali Travel Bug Lodge
  An excellent demonstration of how a full-size cache can be placed to survive in a high muggle environment - and the view's something worth seeing here too! Make the find and see why this is one of Alaska's most-favorited physical caches...  

GC19697 Earthcache Effigy Mounds:Where Geology Shaped a Culture
  This earthcache is emblematic of why I cache - an enjoyable journey to a great destination - and I learned about everything from culture through geology on the way. If you're traveling the Great River Road, make time to enjoy this one. It deserves at least several hours of your time!  

GC3EC Traditional Cache Keyhole Canyon Cache
  A classic desert hide near an EarthCache; this is a stellar example of why caching outside Las Vegas is vacation-worthy experience! The combination of viewpoint, desert plants in blossom, and lovely weather made this a memorable find.  

GCCA5F Traditional Cache Lake Mead Cache #1: Anniversary Mine
  Without a doubt one of the best hiking caches in the Las Vegas area! The slot canyon experience alone makes this worth the visit... I'm stunned it gets so little traffic. Without a doubt this would be in the top 5 of my all-time favorite 'journeys' caching. (Note: kept on this list despite being archived, as this is a signature hiking location.)  

GC12FD1 Earthcache Mackinac Island
  A stunning place to visit, and this earthcache takes you on a great little tour of the 'front' of the island. Made a lifetime memory doing this one with my 77-yr old dad in May of 2007... we had a blast!  

GC954 Traditional Cache McHugh View
  Alaska's fifth oldest cache, in a location that has an absolutely gorgeous view. Must-do!  

GC1169 Project APE Cache Mission 9: Tunnel of Light
  My visit here was a solo ascent over relatively deep spring snow, on a lovely sunny late spring day. It's a piece of geocaching history that exceeded my expectations beyond belief... the hike is neat, the views here are impressive, and the thoughtful care this cache receives makes it a world-class geocaching destination for sure! (Note: despite its despoilment by muggles or disaffected geocachers, this remains a top experience thanks to its history and its obvious cared-for status. I hope the newly-discovered remnants allow this to be un-archived...)  

GCHFG2 Traditional Cache Old Route 66
  A piece of history on the Mother Road - get off the freeway and see America the way it used to look from the blacktop!  

GC6B2 Traditional Cache Painted Canyon - Ladder Trail
  A highlight of the Alaska Wolfpack's 2007 SoCal tour. We did this canyon's entire series in the afternoon, after scoring the Pushawalla Power Path in the early morning hours. Ended our day caching by starlight in the lower reaches of the canyon. Absolutely awesome place - not to be missed. Was so much fun I returned to hike the Painted Canyon Trail in 2009 to show it off to my wife!  
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