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(Some of) The Craziest Caches in the World (shared, public)

List Owner: Miwa Satoshi

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What on earth were these cache owners THINKING?

Do not mistake this for a list of the Best Geocaches in the World. That's not what the title says.

People who go for these caches are required to be, to put it politely, daft. If your cache is on here: well, I hope you've put a disclaimer on your cache description, or linked an online waiver to print out and sign. If you haven't, you should, because going after any cache on this list is practically guaranteed to involve significant risk to life or limb.

No, I haven't gone after any of the caches on this list, and neither should you. If you're thinking of following this list as a to-do? Don't. And please, get psychiatric help.


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GC2BX63 Earthcache Earth's Roof - Mount Everest Peak
  Climbing the tallest mountain in the world just to log an EarthCache definitely falls under the very definition of daft, as even trained Sherpas are known to die here.

Now, if you're an expert mountain climber who just *happens to be a geocacher*, then that's another story, but this list doesn't apply to you.

GC1441Q Traditional Cache EAST BAF
  Geocaching in an active warzone is possibly worse than birdwatching in said active warzone. At least with birding, you aren't actively manipulating your environment (at least so long as you're doing it right). GCing on the other hand involves concepts such as "hiding" and "stealth", which starts to become a pretty damn big deal when your local muggles are Military Police and Special Forces units.

Also, Bagram is littered with LANDMINES, not exactly the kind of environment that's conducive to exploration, or the vagaries of inaccurate GPSrs.

Why single out this one? Check the final log: the Military Police confiscated the geocache. I'd say it's better to end the game like that then accidentally lure your fellow cachers into, you know, an IED.

Geocaching and military bases - not exactly two great tastes that go better together.

Unless, that is, you are crazy AND badass. (Like Rambo. But a geocacher.)

GCGCWA Virtual Cache Martin Luther Chavez
  There's no apparent danger in this 2/1 virtual ... until you realize it's in smack dab in the middle of Compton, California.

I would rate this a bit higher myself; the risk of being carjacked should count as an automatic 4, at least.

GC33FQC Earthcache Registan Desert
  Crazy, but very cool: an extremely educational EarthCache featuring the Registan Desert. Smack in the middle of AFGHANISTAN.

Fortunately you don't have to be exactly at the GZ for this -- but you do have to at least fly over it, which pretty much rules out virtually any civilian geocacher out there. (Like me, for example.)

Now, if you INSIST on getting a photo of yourself with your GPSr right at the GZ? Good luck ... and for the love of God, OPSEC OPSEC OPSEC.

GC16R4B Traditional Cache The Leap
  To access this cache, you must make a leap over a gap that's about four to five feet acress. The catch - the gap is SEVERAL HUNDRED FEET HIGH.

Waiting to hear about the first geocacher who misses this jump; the story just might make News of the Weird.

GC2FWP8 Traditional Cache The secret Falls of Kimbuma
  This cache suggests bringing someone who knows a local language. Good luck with that - this is the Democratic Republic of the Congo!  
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