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Some favorite puzzles (shared, public)

List Owner: The Rat

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These are caches that I think puzzle cachers would especially enjoy doing. If yours is not among these, don't feel slighted; it is hard picking favorites from the 300+ puzzles I have done. I have also left out the favorites I have of my owned caches.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1071V Unknown Cache ยต $ ;)
  Originality and a great final location make this worthy of doing. It's not the hardest puzzle out there, but hard doesn't always mean fun - in fact, it's usually just the opposite.  

GCT8KR Unknown Cache A Nice Mature Bay
  This is a gentle puzzle with a cleverly hidden theme and consistent hide. The hints and clues are just right.  

GC19PP9 Unknown Cache An Odd Little Practice
  Maybe my FTF has biased me toward this one, but a 3.5 star difficulty that has lasted a week with only one find in this puzzle-crazy area must be underrated. Oops! I see it has been upped to 4. Very original.  

GCK1CC Unknown Cache ANX: The Angle of Eternity
  Original and fun. It is especially well-suited for a group activity. It is more of a multi once you get past stage 1.  

GCG004 Unknown Cache Beneath, Between, & Behind
  This is so theme consistent and well-executed that it is among the best. There are different types of puzzles here, including a cipher type I particularly enjoy.  

GCJ1Z9 Unknown Cache Cacher Must Advertise
  This is a variation on a well-known cipher type. I had no trouble with it, but my cryptographic hobby helped on that. I am surprised that so few puzzle cachers have mastered this one.  

GC19T66 Unknown Cache Carrational
  Inspired, creative, original. I give it a carrational number of 7. See the Urban Dictionary.  

GC1JP53 Unknown Cache Conspiracy Theory
  Original and fun with a final in a very enjoyable spot for a nice walk. Do it on a sunny day.  

GCGQ42 Unknown Cache Counterparts
  The effort that went into it is considerable, and there are several original features. I really like spy stuff and cipher stuff, too.  

GC1BT41 Unknown Cache Credit Crunch
  The amount of effort that went into this one impressed me and it's so nice to see something original after so many years of puzzles.  

GCY0Z7 Unknown Cache Deep Thought
  This has it all - mental and physical challenges. It's also a team builder since both the puzzle and the final are best tackled with others.  

GCA8B3 Unknown Cache Double Agent
  This cache is excellent in its own right, but the real fun part was Venona's travel bug kidnapping, and meeting many of the Bay Area local puzzle cachers for the first time.  

GCR9EP Unknown Cache Eel Trout
  Another original puzzle from Rogue Ramblers. This is definitely underrated in difficulty because it takes two unrelated skill sets to solve: one to see the theme, another to solve the numbers. Do it early morning.  

GCRE1Q Unknown Cache ey eh ur (original name), now Fame
  Very original puzzle. This can be solved by using web resources, but it takes some thinking out of the box. This is my first FTF in ages.  

GC19110 Unknown Cache Family Plot
  Masterful and exhausting. You really have to work for this one, but the reward is worth it. Do it with a team; it'll be a lot more fun.  

GCGJ68 Unknown Cache Griffin of Absence
  One of kablooey's best, in my opinion.  

GCZXNA Unknown Cache Happy Birthday!
  This cache has class written all over it. It's not too hard or too easy and the information is there to inspire the Aha! moment. A little work is required after that, but you are rewarded with a nice theme-consistent cache with a worthy subject.  

GCHVG3 Unknown Cache Just Past 2nd Base
  Three levels, all unrelated, come together in this one. I like having to shift mental gears. The cache page contains sufficient hints, but no spoilers.  

GC28NQJ Unknown Cache Keep Bit Short
  An easy puzzle that shows considerable originality. The container is cute and perfectly suited to the location, too. A fun little urban puzzle accessible to everyone familiar with the Internet.  

GCTC87 Unknown Cache LZW
  A superbly crafted puzzle that took a lot of work to create. Its length makes it appear more difficult than it is; the long explanation with examples is actually helpful. The final location is nice, too.  
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