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Creative, Suggested Hides! (shared, public)

List Owner: Red Barrister

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I enjoyed the creativity of the descriptions, the hide techniques and/or the caches. This is not a list of difficult or evil hides. Some are easy to find.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC2MBR9 Traditional Cache "I'm so Thirsty"
  the camo  

GC4RPG8 Traditional Cache "Smile" Ammo Can in the Woods(DAYLIGHT ONLY CACHE)
  the reveal  

GC2M37H Traditional Cache "Thingamajigger"
  The camo of the hide  

GC3PVF6 Traditional Cache does it work?
  the reveal  

GC23JCH Unknown Cache 100 NUMBER FACTS
  the camo of the hide  

GC2HEPW Traditional Cache 1st Annual 2010 HALLOWEEN HAUNTED "HEAD" HUNT
  The description, the hunt itself and the cache container. This won't be the same later, but this earned my bookmark!  

GCG2PD Traditional Cache A Coign of Vantage
  the hide and the cache container  

GC2XPKE Traditional Cache A Dark and Stormy Evil Cache
  the camo  

GC1XFZZ Traditional Cache A Puzzling Traditional
  the hide  

GC5CVC0 Traditional Cache Bear's errant cast...
  the use of a theme for the location, cache and page description.  

GC2GRK4 Traditional Cache Bingo with Darth Vador
  the reveal of the cache container  

GC3XQ2P Traditional Cache Birdhouses
  the process for discovery  

GCHB79 Multi-cache Cliff Dwellers' Cache
  the description and the hunt stages  

GCQY5T Multi-cache Department of Magnetism and Gravitation
  the use of a theme and good placement  

GC2C6J1 Traditional Cache DIY
  The hide and the container.  

GC2ZN16 Traditional Cache Do You Want The Red or Blue Pill? Maybe Yellow?
  the hide camo  

GC24H25 Traditional Cache Double Bubble Toil & Trouble
  the camo of the hide  

GCW6EM Traditional Cache DR. Who.
  The exemplar of creative hides! A must for any cacher.  

GCGANR Traditional Cache Edmonds Marina Micro
  the hide  

GC2KHZE Traditional Cache Elevated
  the cache design and camo  
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