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The Sense of Geocaching-Must do List...... (shared, public)

List Owner: DiDuMa_Team

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Special Caches to do,...
Adventures,Challenges,Team-work,Creativ,IQ-Mysterys :-)))) ,funny and with a great sense to make Caching something very special.
Point-Hunting does not give you the fun
.......picking up dirty,wet and sensless Micros at awful ugly places (this we have also done) is NOT the real geocaching.
But logging wet,dirty,tired and with a big smile an amazing Cache-end or walking Miles along fantastic views,beautiful places and finding creativ and worked-out waypoints,thats what makes it all special.
We recomment Belgium/Luxemburg,it's near by and here you will find not only an amazing landscape but also surprising cache-locations.Old Forts,dark Caves,splendit vieuws,lost places,lost bunkers and ruines of old castles,its always nice for a long weekend :-)))))))
Of course , all over the world are special caches , but these are in Netherland or Belgium.

We try to update the list continuously

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1E32J Multi-cache (FPE2008) Mission=Possible
33 Geo d'ors says everything!
Banner for your Profil

GC1RD81 Multi-cache **MZLE2009** Zoekt en gij zult vinden

GC25161 Multi-cache **MZLE2010** Voetzoeker

GC13TDX Multi-cache 7EVEN

GC10VTD Unknown Cache A M N E S I A
  First try to resolve an online-game and than the real adventure starts.Very nice made
Cache in Belgium

GC24FF2 Unknown Cache Apenachie E(ind)
  Night-Cache in Almere

GC195XM Multi-cache Apiedi@k en de 40 kokers
  This is a fantastic Multi....Banner and Virtuel-Coin when you have made it.  

GC11JA5 Multi-cache Avatar en het doodshoofd
  A *must do* Cache
>237 Geo d'Or !!!!!!!!!

GC2QYF7 Multi-cache Back to the Future

GC21V68 Wherigo Cache Beam me up, Scotty

GCQYCY Unknown Cache Bedevaartcache 1 - Anton der Schijn

GC101C4 Unknown Cache Bedevaartcache 2 - De Keurmeesters

GC29J41 Unknown Cache Ben jij een Sherlock Holmes?

GC23NA2 Traditional Cache Beste Geocache ter Wereld

GC1TPD8 Multi-cache Cave Cache Kanne
  Long Multi in Belgium/Limburg.
15,5 km need Flashlights and Good Will.
You must enter some Caves...who search the adventure PERFECT

GC1ZWGW Unknown Cache Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  Meet the Aliens  

GC5D32 Multi-cache COCA ( Cooperation Cache )

GC12H3G Unknown Cache Commissaris Hunter
  Here you feel realy like Sherlock Holmes  

GC1M564 Unknown Cache d3Z - de hemel of de hel
  A *must do * Cache for the non afraid of us :-)

GCM103 Multi-cache De bakens van Malpigi
  78 Geo d'Ors !!!!  
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