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ACT Archived Caches still available (shared, public)

List Owner: Crew 153

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A List of ACT caches which have been archived but it appears that the caches may still be active and accessible.

I have tried to exclude caches which have been archived because they don't conform with current guidelines but let me know if they should be removed from the list.

Anyone hunting for these caches are requested to be prepared to do maintenance on the cache. It is advisable to carry spare log books of different size (including nano size), zip lock bags, spare pens and a dry rag to clean out any moisture.

This list has been prepared from cache listings where there has been a Found Log since the cache has been archive.

Anyone attempting to find caches on this list do so for their own interest. I hold no responsibility for the accuracy of the data or the condition/presence of the cache.

If anyone has any comments about cache on/not on this list please email me.

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC5X2AB Multi-cache "Aranda Boy Forever"

GC5ZKDD Traditional Cache "Purple monkey dishwasher"

GC605AF Traditional Cache 002 Ivysaur

GC604GM Traditional Cache 012 Butterfree

GC6059P Traditional Cache 016 Pidgey

GC604GE Traditional Cache 024 Arbok

GC604GT Traditional Cache 025 Pikachu

GC604G9 Traditional Cache 033 Nidorino

GC602XJ Traditional Cache 042 Golbat

GC601D5 Traditional Cache 053 Persian

GC604FC Traditional Cache 064 Kadabra

GC606C4 Traditional Cache 068 Machamp

GC605A2 Traditional Cache 076 Golem

GC604XW Traditional Cache 094 Gengar

GC602XT Traditional Cache 098 Krabby

GC606CC Traditional Cache 102 Exeggcute

GC602PR Traditional Cache 104 Cubone

GC602Y4 Traditional Cache 110 Weezing

GC604FP Traditional Cache 129 Magikarp

GC604G2 Traditional Cache 138 Omanyte
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