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Bad Ideas, Bomb Scares, etc. (shared, public)

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Cautionary tales of geocaches placed without landowner permission or careful thought about location (trespassing, etc.). To view archived caches, a free basic account is needed. Geocaching .com is owned by Groundspeak, Inc., a for-profit corporation in Seattle, Washington. Google Map.

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GC185AN Traditional Cache Short Circuitry
  Route 101, Longvale, California
Cache description: "Cache is Located along Hwy 101 Northbound, Tucked away amongst the Arnold Overhead Bridge."
Archival note of May 7, 2008: "This geocache was destroyed yesterday by the local authorities and Department of Defense. Apparently, it looked too much like an explosive device."
Media story
Coordinates: N 39° 32.168 W 123° 24.926
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Bookmarked: May 2, 2012

GCR9H3 Traditional Cache "The Sting"
  Provo, Utah
"A bomb squad detonated a suspicious package outside the Provo Police Station..." The cache was destroyed the same day it was published.
Media story
Coordinates: N 40° 13.998 W 111° 39.850
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Bookmarked: October 3, 2009

GC1RP8G Traditional Cache 100' Clearance
  Lake Kaweah, California
July 1, 2009, note: "Tulare County Sheriff's department's bomb squad investigates suspicious device found near boat ramp at Lake Kaweah"
Coordinates: N 36° 23.823 W 118° 59.135
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Bookmarked: June 4, 2011

GC2F7RD Traditional Cache 1-800-GOT-TWEEZERS?
  Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania
A cache placed in a tree in a residential neighborhood.
Log of September 16, 2010: "As I was pulling away, I noticed the aforementioned neighbor calling the police."
Coordinates: N 40° 00.252 W 075° 16.797
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Bookmarked: November 17, 2010

GC19NFK Traditional Cache 4x4 Cache by the Creek
  Raush Creek Off-road Park (private), Joliett, Pennsylvania
Needs archived note of May 7, 2008: "As we were looking for it, a member of the 4x4 club came up and told us that permission to place the cache had not been given by the club."
Coordinates: N 40° 36.491 W 076° 26.924
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Bookmarked: May 2, 2012

GC1PVBV Traditional Cache A Century on Century
  Near Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, California
Log of June 20, 2009: "I found it, went on to the next two and on my way back saw discovered the entire area shut down by the police and bomb squad. As soon as I saw this I approached the police (I figured what had happened) to explain what was going on. I was interviewed, arrested, and fined 10K. BEWARE CACHES NEAR IMPORTANT PLACES!! I certainly will not forget this caching expedition."
Coordinates: N 33° 56.750 W 118° 23.154
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Bookmarked: November 19, 2009

GC1K0CK Unknown Cache A Christmas Carol Cache
  Private archery course, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
Log of September 8, 2012: "I heard the sound of arrow hitting target very nearby (I was on the path too) I got within 120 feet of gz when another archer appeared, he looked surprised to see me so I asked if it was safe for me to be walking around, given there were men armed with cross bows in the woods, he said not, especially as I was walking around in the opposite direction to the way the course is laid out."
Forum discussion
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Bookmarked: September 11, 2012

GC1240D Traditional Cache A Knight's View
  Fairview High School, Boulder, Colorado
Cache placed near school. Bomb squad.
Media story
Police statement
Coordinates: N 39° 58.296 W 105° 14.746
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Bookmarked: September 29, 2009

GCH69Z Traditional Cache A Slight Inclination for the Bridge to No-where
  Point State Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Needs maintenance note of December 22, 2011: "A park ranger (not Josh) told me that me that he removed this cache because permission was not given to hide it."
Coordinates: N 40° 26.550 W 080° 00.557
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Bookmarked: May 6, 2012

GC12ZNJ Traditional Cache AAA Cache
  Anaheim, California
Another cache placed on private property (a parking lot) without permission. Bomb squad.
Media story, forum discussion
Coordinates: N 33° 50.217 W 117° 56.455
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Bookmarked: April 20, 2010

GCNG1V Multi-cache Abby and Xena
  Concord Park, Downers Grove, Illinois
A "bottle with rope wick extending from the top and putty substance at the base of the wick..." Bomb squad.
Coordinates: N 41° 45.927 W 088° 01.384
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Bookmarked: October 3, 2009

GC1VZ85 Traditional Cache Airlebnis Murpark
  Murpark, Graz, Steiermark, Austria
Apparently the cache required finders to climb a sign tower on private property.
Satellite view, cache image gallery
Coordinates: N 47° 02.572 E 015° 27.843
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Bookmarked: December 22, 2011

GC1W308 Traditional Cache ALWAYS #5106
  Walmart, Oviedo, Florida
Shopping areas are private property.
Log of June 13, 2010: "got busted by the walmart cops"
Coordinates: N 28° 36.807 W 081° 12.522
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Bookmarked: June 14, 2010

GC2BQY2 Traditional Cache and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
  Alexander Park, Evanston, Illinois
Media story: "The device was described as a small carbon dioxide container that was altered to make a device that looked like a pipe bomb" Bomb squad.
Forum discussion
Coordinates: N 42° 02.748 W 087° 41.328
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Bookmarked: May 9, 2011

GC3EMP8 Traditional Cache Angel of Success 1 - The Angel Series
  Memorial Park, Omaha, Nebraska
Media story: "Officers were later able to determine that the item was a geocache item, which appeared similar to the shape of a possible pipe bomb."
Cache description: "May this angel bring success..."
Forum discussion, another media story, another media story, another media story
Coordinates: N 41° 15.863 W 096° 00.178
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GC2XEWW Traditional Cache Another Brick In the Wall (Pink Floyd)
  Chelo's, Warwick, Rhode Island
Log of June 21, 2011: "I looked for 10 min then some jerk came over told me unless I was having lunch or knew the owners to get off the property and not to return, he also told me to tell the owner of the blue jug if they wanted it back to knock on the door of the camper that is in the lot. So dr. I think this one is in the hands of a real nice fella."
Coordinates: N 41° 43.286 W 071° 26.633
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Bookmarked: July 1, 2011

GC19TM6 Traditional Cache Another Ceed Cache
  University of Texas, Midland, Texas
Ammo can on university property.
Media story, forum discussion
Coordinates: N 31° 58.174 W 102° 15.028
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Bookmarked: October 3, 2009

GCD181 Traditional Cache ARPAIO"S BOOTY cache
  Estrella Jail, Phoenix, AZ
Archival log of August 1, 2003: "Cache has been removed by police."
Coordinates: N 33° 25.698 W 112° 07.509
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Bookmarked: December 21, 2015

GC552BJ Traditional Cache At Business and Enterprise Drive
  Owens Corning, Concord, North carolina
Media report: "Fans of the popular hobby of geocaching might want to take care where they hide their geocache treasures, especially if it’s a suspicious-looking box with wires attached."
Coordinates: N 35° 25.325 W 080° 39.511
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Bookmarked: June 22, 2014

GC58MAZ Traditional Cache B.e.w.a.r.e
  Fultondale Children's Park, Fultondale, Alabama
Media story: "8-inch cylinder wrapped in tape and lodged in a tree." Bomb squad - BEWARE, indeed.
Forum discussion
Coordinates: N 33° 37.116 W 086° 48.133
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Bookmarked: January 13, 2015
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