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My favourite Locationless ones.... (shared, public)

List Owner: Equipo Wacosta

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC5379 Locationless (Reverse) Cache "Timing" is Everything

GC202B Locationless (Reverse) Cache A Cache of Palindromes

GC338E Locationless (Reverse) Cache A Pair of Quintuplets (Multi-Location Virtual)

GCCAD3 Locationless (Reverse) Cache Ancient Navigational Aids
  I never thought that i would be able to log this one but while I visited "Easter Island" is saw several of these.  

GC5A04 Locationless (Reverse) Cache Fill In The Blanks
  I placed a lot of new caches in the 8th region in Chile so I took a profit out of it to log this one!  

GCB2EC Locationless (Reverse) Cache Grammatically Incorrect

GC50E0 Locationless (Reverse) Cache 'H' Is For Highpoint

GCAC83 Locationless (Reverse) Cache I Can't Drive....21?
  This might be the first one from South America.
I took this shot in Chile near the second biggest town of this state: Concepcion.
This sign forbids you to drive faster then 6 km/h over a weightbridge situated near the road that leads to Cabrero.
In spite of passing this point twice to 4 times a day it it took me one year before my eyes fell on the sign :-)

GC48C5 Locationless (Reverse) Cache MAKE A BREAK FOR THE BORDER

GC515F Locationless (Reverse) Cache Natural Arches All Around

GC7448 Locationless (Reverse) Cache One Room Schoolhouses

GC69D3 Locationless (Reverse) Cache Steel Wheels
  This was my first reverse cache! I could log this one in our own company in Chile  

GC4E84 Locationless (Reverse) Cache The Arena of My Favorite team

GC4CC2 Locationless (Reverse) Cache Where is your Lover's Leap (locationless)

GC3153 Locationless (Reverse) Cache Where's In A Name?
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