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Well Rounded Qualifiers (shared, public)

List Owner: bitbrain

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Caches qualified for GC18KF1

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC9118 Webcam Cache D1 T1 - Honeylocust Webcam Cache
  D1/T1 Webcam  

GC10JN2 Earthcache D1 T1.5 - W. M. Browning Cretaceous Fossil Park
  D1/T1.5 Earthcache  

GCN6ZK Earthcache D1 T2 - Pinson Mounds Earthcache
  D1/T2 Earthcache  

GC2F0C Traditional Cache D1 T2.5 - Walk in the Park
  D1/T2.5 Regular  

GC4572 Traditional Cache D1 T3 - WILLIAM TELL
  D1/T3 Regular  

GCNB8C Traditional Cache D1 T3.5 - Chance #1
  D1/T3.5 Regular  

GC10VFG Traditional Cache D1 T4 - Boondocks Overlook

GCYBJ4 Traditional Cache D1 T4.5 - Star Wars

GC158D7 Traditional Cache D1 T5 - Rapunzel's Summer Quarters

GC8DB3 Virtual Cache D1.5 T1 - A Little Concrete
  D1.5/T1 Virtual  

GC59D8 Traditional Cache D1.5 T1.5 - FALLEN TREE 4 MILE POST
  D1.5/T1.5 Regular  

GC15K8X Multi-cache D1.5 T2 - Tiger's Lair
  D1.5/T2 Multi  

GC6B2E Traditional Cache D1.5 T2.5 - Old Trace Lake No. 1
  D1.5/T2.5 Regular  

GCMT8G Traditional Cache D1.5 T3 - Batture
  D1.5/T3 Regular  

  D1.5/T3 Regular  

GCWK9G Traditional Cache D1.5 T3.5 - The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla
  D1.5/T3.5 Regular  

GCK3TC Letterbox Hybrid D1.5 T4 - River Pirates
  D1.5/T4 Letterbox Hybrid  

GCM0PK Traditional Cache D1.5 T4.5 - Cemitree

GCG42Z Traditional Cache D1.5 T5 - Marooned
  D1.5/T5 Regular  

GCRNVC Cache In Trash Out Event D2 T1 - Bettis Plot Mini-CITO (01/10/2006)
  D2/T1 CITO  
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