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Point Roberts Geocaches (shared, public)

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This is a list of all of the geocaches that are in neat little unknown area called Point Roberts. I say it is unknown because it is in fact in the USA but when you get there it is completely different feeling than even Tsawwassen.

There are enough geocaches in Point Roberts that you can get them all in one very long day or if you have time you can make a weekend out of it. There are some really nice hideaway areas in this remote spot in Metro Vancouver.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC3QT52 Unknown Cache Muddy Trails Golf Trophy
  The cords that are posted are fake, of course. You will need to find the six caches in the series to figure out the final.  

GC2A7XN Traditional Cache Alex's Cache
  Just like the information page states, and the cache will be at hand in no time.  

GC297BW Traditional Cache Al's Cache
  This one took me a good amount of time to find because you need to find the next trial and then follow it along until you find it. I don't recommend going off the trial either as you don't need you, you just need to be patient until you find the correct trial that will lead you to it.  

GC3RFFX Traditional Cache Beach Boiler
  For this cache you really want to use the parking cords that have been provided on the cache page. You can walk to it from Maple Beach but that is a longer walk.

Regardless of that, the parking cords will take you to a well established trailhead where there is parking. From that point you want to find the steep trail that will take you down to the beach. Once you are on the beach just start walking until you see it.

On a different note, when I was there the high tide was going to be 2.83m and at that point you wont have any problems reaching this cache. I think you might start running into difficulty if the high tide is around 4m.

GC799YQ Traditional Cache Beach walk

GC1P67P Unknown Cache Benchmarks
  In this geocache you will go to the oldest area in Point Roberts for a little bit of fun history that is along the beach.  

GC1ZT55 Unknown Cache Buffett Beach
  There are some great views here  

GC202XH Unknown Cache Buffett Boats
  The first cache of a rather clever cache series  

GC28M8A Traditional Cache Colby's Cache
  This one the cords are bang on but aware of the mosquitoes who are nearby.  

GC1T4GN Traditional Cache Combat Coastguardsman
  Another great but well hidden cache in the Lilly Point Park but make sure you take some time to enjoy the amazing panoramic views of the ocean.  

GC1TM2Y Traditional Cache Dam Path
  In this geocache you will be going through various different little challenges in order for you to reach the cache. You do want to make sure that you have a good pair of shoes or hiking boots for this one.  

GC6X13C Traditional Cache Don't Forget Your Passport

GC5AMJX Traditional Cache Eagle's Nest
  Using a stick and getting down to all fours would help you to find this geocache.  

GC2E4XZ Traditional Cache Emily's Cache
  This is another really easy grab you can make in the series along an unknown trail area.  

GC311H4 Traditional Cache First One
  Use your geoseneses and the parking cords.  

GC2A7XX Traditional Cache Georgia's Cache
  This is the first one of a mini series of 6 caches in the area that you can find. It isn't that far away from the trial head cords either which are super handy.  

GC2BJ97 Traditional Cache Groyne Cache
  This is a pretty easy drive up to cache but you will arrive at a lovely spots that has an panoramic view of the Georgia Straight.  

GC1RG8P Traditional Cache H2O @ The Point #1
  This cache will take you to the outskirts of a recently established water reservoir but like the listing says you don't need to climb over the fence.  

GC1RD26 Traditional Cache H2O @ the Point #2
  This cache will take you to an area that is used by the locals but the cache is far enough away that you wont have a problem with them.  

GC3PJE5 Traditional Cache Hats Off To Annie
  The parking cords for this cache are a little off as you can't park over the solid white line in this state. If you do you run the chance of getting a ticket. However, if you just drive down another 30 meters there is a walk in clinic and then there are lots of parking spots.

Once that is done you have a nice trail walk to enjoy. The hint for this one is extremely helpful.
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