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Visit Topeka Geo Tour (shared, public)

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I love Topeka and I love the idea of a Topeka Geo Tour.

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GC51E19 Traditional Cache A Bunch of Bites
  Found with Celticus--it was an easy find after the hint from the CO. TFTC!  

GC512QR Traditional Cache A Wild Encounter
  Co-FTF with Mx5AutoXer and the geobaby at 8:30 a.m. The geobaby is a member of the zoo and of the Discovery Center. The baby shower for her was in a shelter house close by and her one-year birthday party was just across the street in the little party house by the concrete animals. She comes to the park often as there is so much for families to do in this park. I love our zoo and Gage Park and am pleased another cache was placed here to call attention to this great place. TFTC!  

GC4P1TB Traditional Cache And Action
  Topeka does have great places to visit and this is one of them. TFTC!  

GC51E10 Traditional Cache Aqua Culture
  Co-FTF with Celticus at 2:16 pm. One more FTF and one more of the Visit Topeka series. TFTC!  

GC5176X Traditional Cache Blooming Arts
  Found it with Celticus. We met a friend of several of my friends who was inside the building when we were outside trying to find the cache. When she found out what we were looking for, she called Visit Topeka and found someone there who had help place the cache. That person gave us a hint and we found the cache. It was nice to finally meet a person I heard about from friends and it was nice to find my 15th cache of the series. We'll go by and pick up my prize. TFTC!  

GC510B1 Traditional Cache Creative Community Initiative
  3-25-14 Co-FTF with Celticus at 10:10 p.m., our fourth FTF today! I love Topeka and I love the idea of a geo-tour of Topeka, so that people can see some of our great sights. TFTC!  

GC4PB3T Traditional Cache Culture Meets Creativity
  Celticus and I met the artist while he was painting and he told us where the geocache was. I don't think we would have looked where the cache is as we were afraid people would think we were defacing the property. This cache is a great example of one of the reasons I like geocaching--we see things and meet people that we wouldn't know about otherwise. TFTC!  

GC512T1 Traditional Cache Hunting for a Hide
  Co-FTF with Celticus at 4:44 p.m. I am glad that Celticus found the cache quickly, as the rain and wind were battering us. I am also glad I had on two tops, a hat, a scarf, heavy gloves, a winter coat with a hood, a hat and an umbrella.

This cache makes my seventh FTF in two days and my seventh cache in this series of the Visit Topeka Geo Tour. TFTC and for promoting this wonderful city I live in.

GC4M7M9 Traditional Cache Little Library - 8
  I can't believe that Celticus and I went caching today after a grueling 31 days of the August Challenge of caching each day of August. I was so looking forward to a day of rest from caching, and here we go again. It was worth it, though, as Celticus and I traded out some great books. I love, love, love these Little Libraries.

Mx5AutoXer, Nismoman, Geobaby Devyn and I are all members of The Discovery Center, which is a very fun place. Lucky Geobaby Devyn is brought here frequently by Mx5AutoXer and Nismoman. I am awarding this cache a Favorite point because I love Little Libraries, Gage Park and The Discovery Center. I strongly encourage everyone who has kids to join The Center. Kids like it almost as much as Nismoman and I do. Devyn's cache is nearby, too.

GC4TA3P Traditional Cache L-O-V-E!
  Celticus, nismoman240sx, Mx5AutoXer and the Geobaby Devyn and I went out geocaching today as it was a lovely day in the 60s. While I was on the phone talking to Royalsfan for help in finding this one and repeating what she told me to the rest of our team, Mx5AutoXer yelled, "Found it!" After seeing it, I don't know how we missed it before. This one should have been an easy find, but sure wasn't. I don't know why the cache is named L-O-V-E. TFTC and being part of a great geocaching day!  

GC510BM Traditional Cache Mansion on the Blvd
  Co-FTF with Mx5AutoXer and the geobaby at 9 a.m. It was an easy find for Mx5--she walked right up to it. Thank you Visit Topeka Inc. for my 50th FTF and my 6th in the Visit Topeka Geo Tour series.  

GC5176R Traditional Cache Rise Up the Ride
  Co-FTF with Celticus at 12:44 p.m. We signed the temporary log. I think I have one more cache in this series to go. TFTC!  

GC4P53P Traditional Cache Seeking Freedom
  Easy, peasy. I knew about the house and the man and even knew the couple who used to own (maybe still own) the house, but I found the information in front extremely interesting with lots of facts I didn't know. What a man! Especially in his times. Great place for a cache. I have to award this one of my favorite points because I would not have come here and seen all the improvements and signs full of information if there had not been a cache here. TFTC!  

GC512RA Traditional Cache The 14th Amendment
  The Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site is well worth visiting. Every time I visit, I am reminded of how courageous people were to fight for civil rights in the past and how we need to continue to fight for everyone's civil rights today. Because of the Historic Site, I am awarding this cache one of my favorite points. TFTC!

GC51E26 Traditional Cache Two Beauties One Cache
  These are two beauties in Topeka and I encourage everyone to go and see for themselves. The Capitol, since its seems-like-it-took-forever improvements, is glorious. Because of the two beauties, I have to give this cache a favorite point.  
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