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A touch of evil (shared)

List Owner: workerofwood

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I could just call this my Marky and Joanie list, but I have been tortured by many others as well. These are my favorites (now that I've found them anyway)...

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCJG8G Traditional Cache Big Worm-Gear Needed
  The description is entirely true... but that did me no good whatsoever.  

GCMBV0 Traditional Cache Blinker
  Either you find this right away or plan to spend the night.  

GC27MJB Traditional Cache Calabazas Creek Bridge
  I think the hint is the most evil part, but that's what I enjoyed most about this cache.  

GCMWGQ Traditional Cache Cupertino City Center Cache
  Not really a needle-in-the-haystack, just very unexpected.  

GC1H1W2 Traditional Cache Daughter Of Aaachoo
  nice to have a replacement for the old Aaaachoo cache, it was a favorite.  

GCTXRY Traditional Cache Did you know?
  Wasn't sure which list to put this one in, but it is most certainly evil. It is a smart and simple hide that is evil but totally fair. First time I've seen this one too...  

GCGVCK Traditional Cache Dr. Mahoney Baloney
  I had a pretty good idea of what it was, but sooooo many places to search!  

GCMWY3 Traditional Cache Got the Hotts for Olives
  Very simple yet this one is likely to give you fits. There IS enough info on the page to help find it though.  

GCGEF2 Traditional Cache Hamann Hangout
  Don't know what it was about this one, but it took more than 8 visits, many hours of searching and hints from finders and the owner before I could see it. It's the most time I've spent out of 2000 caches.  

GCH423 Traditional Cache Happy Halloween Hex
  I think the perfect placement is what makes this one so hard.  

GCRWTY Traditional Cache Little Cache of Horrors III
  There are so many clever ways to hide a micro, and this is a good one.  

GC1H0E0 Traditional Cache little shop v
  A good example of a simple and evil urban hide.  

GC1F80N Traditional Cache recycle? you got it!
  I've seen this once before, but this one is very well done and adds to the evil theme in my neighborhood.  

GCVZY5 Traditional Cache Secret Trailhead #22 - Belgatos
  One of the hardest and best hides I've seen around here. Very simple and effective, wish I had done it first!  

GCPAXW Traditional Cache Slow Down!
  I saw this one being made and it still took me a while to find it. This is one of those I wish I had thought of!  

GC11E7C Traditional Cache Somewhere Not to be Scared
  Sure you know where it is but will you grab it?  

GC2885C Traditional Cache Somewhere to Hide a Cache
  This was bad enough that I actually held it in my hand and examined it before discarding it and moving along.  

GC10PHX Traditional Cache Somewhere within a Cache
  This is one of my favorites. I liked everything about it even while I was cursing the owner.  

GCP892 Traditional Cache The Brink of Insanity
  There is sometimes a fine line between "evil" evil, and "good" evil... I think this was just plain good. Nicely done for this spot. Might take a while to find, but it's a totally fair hide.  

GCQW43 Traditional Cache Tie-Dyed Coins
  This one was very simple and very evil. There were really only a couple of places it could be with good coords and reception, but I could not see it at first.  
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