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Solid-Rock-Seekers' Most Memorable Caching Experiences (shared, public)

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These are some of our most memorable caches. They are not listed in order by which is "best" since many are memorable for different reasons; instead, we have listed them chronologically. Click on a date to go straight to our log entry. (Many of our milestone caches should probably be on this list too, but you'll need to read them separately.)

Probably our most memorable caching experience isn't any one cache, but rather our "Cache A Day" streak during the summer of 2004! From May 21, 2004 until August 29, 2004, we did at least one geocache every single day - a streak of 101 days. We intentionally ended the streak at 101 days so that geocaching didn't "take over our life!" Believe me, some days it just wasn't convenient to geocache! Add to that the days where it was miserable outside, or we were sick, or we had other commitments, and doing a "cache a day" may not be quite as much fun as one would think! That said, "the streak" built many great memories. Happy reading!

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GCH4Y0 Traditional Cache 01 - Hutchington Hill (NH)
  21 May 2004 - An awesome caching experience -- wonder after wonder kept turning up on this trip! Little did we know at the time that this cache would be the start of our 101-day "cache-a-day" streak!  

GC8C4C Traditional Cache 02 - Mountain High View (ME)
  30 May 2004 - Our First (and hopefully last) Stuck In The Mud Adventure!  

GCJ1A5 Traditional Cache 03 - North Pack (NH)
  19 June 2004 - A hike up our favorite Southern NH summit that we had made many times before, but our first time when geocaching! This was the first cache of our day on a 7.5-mile three-summit thru-hike.  

GCJP76 Multi-cache 04 - Londonderry Recreational Areas Tour (NH)
  21 June 2004 - Had a blast doing this cache at night to get FTF! There's nothing quite like caching in the dark!  

GC3881 Multi-cache 05 - Pulpit Rock (NH)
  10 July 2004 - Introduced "Mom Seeker's" sister and family to geocaching. I think our brother-in-law's hooked!  

GC6B01 Locationless (Reverse) Cache 06 - Ride the Underground Railroad (NH)
  11 July 2004 - Our most heavily researched locationless cache to date!  

GC66B4 Traditional Cache 07 - No More Troubles (MA)
  22 July 2004 - Went with the "Midnight Madness" crew of ThePetersPack, Bushwhack Bob, and g-o-cashers to get this one at 12:18am! (7 of 7 on the night!)  

GCCE8D Earthcache 08 - Tidal EarthCache (ME)
  25 July 2004 - This cache is definitely one of our favorites! It was our first EarthCache - long before the earthcache designation even existed! We completed this cache with Phunstash and re-lived many memories of being out on these sandbars as kids! Very highly recommended! (But do be careful!)  

GCJ7RW Traditional Cache 09 - Walk in the Woods (NH)
  25 July 2004 - This delightful walk is an easy caching experience, if you start in the right place. If you don't, however, this could take quite a while. Needless to say, I didn't make the right choice on the first visit, although we did find it the second time.  

GCJYV4 Traditional Cache 10 - Plane Down - F-101B "VOODOO" 57-0405 (ME)
  9 August 2004 - Getting to this plane crash site involved a bushwhack unlike any we have ever done previously, or since! We had a great time on this remote adventure. (Of course, after getting back home and emailing the cache hider, we learned that there was an easier path to take...)  

GC93F0 Unknown Cache 11 - Sights to Bewhole (ME)
  10 August 2004 - A hike to the summit of Maine's Mt. Katahdin is always a memorable experience. If you haven't hiked this peak, you are missing out on a very special experience.  

GCG6QC Traditional Cache 12 - Dorr Steps (ME)
  13 August 2004 - A very interesting cache location, plus an opportunity to go caching in the rain on Mount Desert Island with extended family, made for a memorable day of geocaching!  

GCK8BF Traditional Cache 13 - Archilochus Colubris Cache (NH)
  18 August 2004 - A cache that should have been quick and easy, but ended up being another one of our embarrassing misadventures...  

GC7C2F Traditional Cache 14 - Kearsarge Cache (NH)
  28 August 2004 - The cache we chose for Day 100 of the "Cache-A-Day" streak. Enjoying a pretty sunset and full moon from the summit of Mt. Kearsage was a fitting culmination to the streak.  

GC5A04 Locationless (Reverse) Cache 15 - Fill In The Blanks (NH)
  29 August 2004 - This cache was a bonus for placing our 1st cache, Bradford Tall Pines. We chose this location for multiple reasons:
  • The huge trees!
  • An interesting place we wouldn't know about without geocaching.
  • There weren't any geocaches in the area!
This cache marked the end of "The Streak" at 101 days.

GCKMNG Multi-cache 16 - Lost Keys Cache (NH)
  31 Aug 2004 to 27 Sep 2004 - This memorable caching experience is not exactly a short story, but is full of many different surprises! To read the full story, visit the cache page for the Lost Keys Cache. Be sure to visit the First-to-Find log of cache_test_dummies and follow the link from his log!  

GCGVTG Traditional Cache 17 - Monson Find (NH)
  1 September 2004 - This isn't one of our most exciting cache logs, but going to this cache felt like we were "walking back in time." We highly recommend this trip for the location along with the nearby Bella Buttercup Visits the Bayleys.  

GC863D Multi-cache 18 - Bonus Ball (NH)
  2 September 2004 - This evening with the "moonlight mission caching crew" was a fun night on a challenging multi with some of our geocaching friends. It seems like geocaching with others is a common theme to our "most memorable caching experiences."  

GCJRY5 Traditional Cache 19 - M/A-COM1 (MA)
  10 September 2004 - This "dash" for our 10th Yellow Jeep TB wasn't an unusual cache, but does make for an interesting story and a fun surprise for Mr. Seeker!  

GCKTJ2 Traditional Cache 20 - much to her chagrin (MA)
  4 December 2004 - A tricky cache to find, but we made it even more difficult than necessary!  
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