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Amsterdam for (foreign) visitors (shared, public)

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This list is an up-to-date collection of the most accessible, rewarding and generally 'best' geocaches in the Amsterdam area for anyone who doesn't know the city. Every cache listed here can be done without speaking or reading Dutch.

As geocaching was originally intended to bring people to nice, yet unknown places, this list will focus mainly on traditional caches. But as Amsterdam doesn't have very many of those (let alone something bigger than a micro!) it will also list some short multis and easy puzzles.

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Enjoy our lovely city!

Last updated: 23 march 2014

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GCK9NH Traditional Cache 2C (3) - SCHUTTING
  A short but challenging hike, if you approach from the North (which is fully possible and legal, keep trying!). Also possible from the South, but that's boring!

The hint says "heugel", and to understand you need to read the nearby information sheet.

GC2YKHW Traditional Cache Amsterdam Trad's - Chinatown
  My own series of Traditionals. Always with some background info in English, and there is always room for TB's and coins. Usually easy to find, but in busy places so sometimes hard to log! Take your time to stealth.
This one is a centrally located in the old heart of the (previously!) drugs-ridden Chinatown. Very safe now, and (almost) completely unrelated to the red light district.

GC2YJ7C Traditional Cache Amsterdam Trad's - Dikes and Polders
  My own series of Traditionals. Always with some background info in English, and there is always room for TB's and coins. Usually easy to find, but in busy places so sometimes hard to log! Take your time to stealth.
This one's on a dike, with some explanation and drawings about how the land was reclaimed from the sea, and added to the city!

GC2YKJ0 Traditional Cache Amsterdam Trad's - GWL-terrein (former waterworks)
  My own series of Traditionals. Always with some background info in English, and there is always room for TB's and coins. Usually easy to find, but in busy places so sometimes hard to log! Take your time to stealth.
A quiet residential neighbourhood build on/in/between the buildings and structures of the former City Waterworks. Including a big watertower, the smallest hotel in Amsterdam (and possibly the world!) and very weird art. Nice for kids too!

GC198 Traditional Cache Amsterdam Urban 1
  A classic, as it's the oldest cache in the Netherlands, And it's the 198th worldwide!
There's one that also claims the title (First Dutch, way out east), but that one has a higher GC-code, is placed 6 days later and is buried.
Urban 1 is a must do in Amsterdam!

GC921 Traditional Cache Amsterdam Urban 2 - Under the bridge
  Yes, you really need a boat. But it's an adventure well worth it!
Renting a canal bike (a small paddleboat) near the Anne Frank House is probably the easiest and cheapest way.

This cache was's Cache of the Week in november 2013!

GC2KPYB Traditional Cache Amsterdams Bos Theater
  This is THE forest for local Amsterdam folk!
It has recently been swamped with caches, but this one from 2010 is the only one (!!) with some decent English. It's nice and has plenty room for coins/TB's.

If you want to try your luck with Google Translate, check out:
- Met STIP op de kaart ... Amsterdamse Bos
- Kleine meer bij Amsterdamse Bos
- bosmuis
- wespenspin
- schotse hooglander
- koolmees
- sprookjes bos 1: De drie biggetjes
- puur natuur

You can ignore the T5 GC43JM0, unless you have climbing gear with you..

GC3QDZ0 Multi-cache Amsterdamse grachtenpandjes/ Canal houses
  Nice stroll (or faster by bike) through the Western canal belt & Jordaan area. And you'll learn something about those lovely canalhouses that make the city centre what it is! Holds coins & small TBs.  

GC4WP76 Traditional Cache Aquacosta
  I love art in public spaces, hence I love this cache! It even holds TBs/coins!
Worth the (really short) detour, and the neighbourhood is nice too (try shopping in the Kinkerstraat instead of the inevitable kalverstraat).

GC49H8A Traditional Cache Batman's cave

Doable for any adult, unless really obese. But you'll get dirty! Real dirty... Great place, and a good combination with all those caches in the Amsterdamse Bos (forest).

GC47M8G Unknown Cache Bekender kan bijna niet
  No English here, but it's so central (you'll inevitably visit the location), and so simple I might as well add it here.
The description says: "connect points 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 and the cache is at the intersection". That's it. Just draw the lines.
The hint says: "when you're at the cache-location you can see everything that is on the pictures". And indeed, true again.

GC466MM Multi-cache Bens Cache
  A short and quick multi (only two parts) in/around a new children's playground in the Spaarndammer neighbourhood. There's no english, so here's the instruction:
"to calculate the distance to the cache, add 1 mtr for every 'floating' seat (see photo), and 100mtr for every traditional swing. Project that distance straight EAST. The cache is 10x8x3cm and placed at 30cm height. It's not in bushes or shrubs."
The hint says: "sit down and move as far to the left as possible".

GC31TMC Unknown Cache Damsko
  Nice easy puzzle, catered especially for tourists. The final location is very much in the center, so you'll inevitably be quite close to it at least a few times during your visit.
This is a nano in a public open space, so you do need the hint from the website (click the on the cache-page when you think you have the right coordinates to check them).

GC19F8B Unknown Cache Dans le port d'Amsterdam
  This is such a cool location, but the puzzle is simply unsolvable without Dutch skills (and even then it's weeks of googling).
Still, you should try to mail the CO or a previous finder...

GC4Y4TJ Traditional Cache De Montelbaanstoren
  I'd be very surprised if this cache survives here beyond a couple of months...
Until then, it's magnetic at the foot of one of the red lampposts. The hint says 'Keizersbridge', the name of the bridge.

No room for TBs/coins.

GC3MGTC Traditional Cache De Pythonbrug (The Python Bridge)
  Cool bridge, but it's a nano so you might take a while before finding it.
(best comment so far: 'vertigo therapy')

GC20CWF Multi-cache De rosse buurt/The Red Light District
  This multi will take about 1 / 1.5 hours. It's a pleasant stroll around the RLD with some nice tidbits to learn.
It doesn't focus on the red lights itself but shows you the neighbourhood around it.

GC4FN8B Traditional Cache De Verbinding
  Small, windy and on a bridge. Typical commuter spot!  

GC2TR4M Traditional Cache Dijkhuisjes verborgen in de stad
  Should you decide on a biketrip through Amsterdam North, this is a nice street to visit. And enough room for some goodies!
The title means "hidden dikehouses in the city". Some of those wooden houses are over 200 years old. If you walk a bit East and cross the little bridge, you'll find a nice spot on the water.

GC309K2 Multi-cache DopaMulti 1 - The Unknown Artist
  A 6.5 km biketour through the city center past various 'illegally' placed works of art (statues mostly). Some have become well known Amsterdam landmarks!
Cache container can hold small TBs and coins.
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