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Favorite Caches (shared)

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GCP56A Multi-cache Counterfeit
  This one has a creative twist that makes it an interesting diversion from the rest. The game was fun and there were enough clues to lead to a quick solution.  

GCV43H Letterbox Hybrid Dem Bones, Dem Bones
  Ok, so it's a commercial cache, sorta... but geez- you've NEVER been in a place like this, and it's the most interesting place caching has taken me in a very long time. I would schedule a trip to Berkeley to allow time for this!  

GCJ1MK Unknown Cache Entre Nous
  Great puzzle and a beautifully hidden micro. It blended in soooo well.  

GCNAEK Traditional Cache Kennedy Meadow
  It's a long hike in, but this is one of the best views available. This cache is of a classic type that is increasingly rare (full size, nice location, good hike, good coords...)  

GCZZ56 Traditional Cache Leap of Faith
  Just a fun one, that takes a little faith to acquire.  

GCFB3C Traditional Cache Lombard Street
  Turns what you may think you know about stealth on it's head.  

GCGN1K Multi-cache Mountain History
  This is the type of cache that you could spend a leisurely afternoon exploring and be totally satisfied at a day well spent. I took 3 hours, simply because I wanted to, it could be done in much less time using autorouting and a more deliberate pace. Each stage is worht a visit in it's own right, and I really enjoyed the final having visited the other side many times. Best to do in a small group. Despite some of the narrow or steep trails, I think older kids would really get a kick out of this.  

GCP4JR Unknown Cache Nefertiti's Pyramid
  I like all of Geowomyn's series caches, and this is another good one. A very pleasant hike that you can bring the kids to enjoy. The artistic quality is high as usual and the puzzle final involves an interesting activity.  

GCWAGV Traditional Cache Renz Park
  This one surprised me. It's a little evil, an unusual hiding method, and pretty effective camo. In a sea of average hides this one stood out today. Nice job!  

GCMAGD Traditional Cache Return of Spot
  This was a "perfect" cache.
A nice moderate walk (anyone could do it) into a beautiful forest to find a surprising and unusual spot. The cache was creatively camo'd too.

GCHC4H Multi-cache Return of the King
  This was my first "epic" multi cache, and still my favorite. Do it with friends, and do the whole series.  

GCX3NT Unknown Cache San Jose Little Pictures
  Another great group cache. We did it at night which added an additional level of challenge.  

GCVZ52 Traditional Cache Shasta's Toy Box
  I know y'all hate residential hides, but THIS is a good one.  

GCRB1E Multi-cache The Five Senses: SIGHT
  This was a fun variation on a multi. More of a puzzle, but a really easy one (took less time to do this than some recent lame traditionals I've visited). Nice area and a good series. Try them all and make a day of it!  

GCHPWM Unknown Cache The Holy Grail
  This was a fun puzzle (true Grail fans do it from memory) that leads you to a really cool spot! There are even killer rabbits and a bridge of death!  

GCM1TG Unknown Cache The Lost Telegram
  A very well made puzzle with just the right amount of hints and a very satisfying solution (and the cache was unusual too!).  

GCHC92 Unknown Cache The Sentence
  This was one of the most artfully written puzzles I have come across. When I solved it, I had to stop and marvel at the structure... try doing this yourself!  

GCMGWM Multi-cache The Shawshank Redemption
  It's fun, but also something very different (watch the movie and get into the right frame of mind!).  

GC29D0Y Traditional Cache Tiny Butterflies
  Yeah, I'm biased. I liked this one because it so closely mirrored one I had in the same spot, but I just enjoyed it. I would love to have found that object for cache construction too.  

GC2CC2E Traditional Cache Tiny Trees
  I liked the location, the attachment method, the construction, how it was retrieved, and how it came apart. I think this was pretty nearly a perfect hide.
I wish everyone who was preparing to toss yet another micro out there would just look at what a cache CAN be.
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