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Puzzles For Everyone (shared, public)

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These puzzle caches don't require special knowledge (unless you are a caveman), just English and elementary school math. Creative thinking is a requirement, however!

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GCJZ7F Unknown Cache Are You Observant? #1
  This is actually more orienteering than Geocaching. I'd make this a requirement for all Geocachers, since looking at the arrows on your GPSr doesn't improve your search skills.  

GCKNE4 Unknown Cache Assume Nothing #4- Black Book
  Well, here's another Assume Nothing in my bookmark. For the cell phone generation, ask your parents, they might understand the hints.  

GCG004 Unknown Cache Beneath, Between, & Behind
  You think you are good at crossword puzzles? This difficult puzzle will put your creative thinking to the test.  

  This difficult puzzle requires a major breakthrough to solve, but very funny and satisfying in the end.

This one should be a Geocacher requirement - even if you can't solve it, the puzzle teaches important etiquette.

GCH84V Unknown Cache Fake Monkey Writing
  A Caveman without access to the Internet won't be able to solve this one. Most of us Geocachers should have all the tools necessary. Very clever.  

GCGM14 Unknown Cache For The Rest Of Us
  This is one of the few Fizzymagic puzzles that doesn't require any specialized knowledge. I enjoyed his wicked sense of humor.

I actually recommend his more difficult puzzles, since they offer creative perspectives on various "specialized" topics.

GCN51T Unknown Cache Geobeads #6 - Pick Up Stix
  In order to find this puzzle/mystery cache, one needs to find the first 5 in the Geobeads series, all along the Stevens Creek Trail in Mountain View.

This is a fun series for everyone, with collectible beads on each of the caches. Be sure to try Geobeads #7 (a self-contained puzzle) and the more evil Geobeads #8!

GCGZR3 Unknown Cache GeoDice
  This is one of my favorites, very clever, with a sample solution to get you going.  

GCHMBG Unknown Cache Kablooey's Glove
  A very clever puzzle dedicated to a humorous incident on Kablooey, one of the area's master puzzle solvers. You can sit at the hide location and enjoy the view while contemplating the solution!  

GCM599 Unknown Cache Lampost Pinball
  Are you sick of lampost hides? If you are spending time in Davis, try this very fun puzzle cache to freshen your perspective.  

GCJ4AC Unknown Cache Mind-Parole
  Another very clever Workerofwood puzzle. Difficult to brute-force this one, and why bother when the solution is quite satisfying.  

GCD53F Unknown Cache Northern CA Solar System Model: Comet Halley
  This is the final bonus cache to the Northern CA Solar System Model series. There is some distant driving involved, but it should help you visualize how the planets in our solar system are laid out. You'll also learn about UTM coordinates.

After you finish the series and find this bonus cache, you'll have a chance to further your Solar System knowledge by visiting the Chabot Space & Science Center not too far away. Great for the kids, too!

GCCE31 Unknown Cache Pick a Card
  Another fun fizzymagic puzzle. You can choose to accept the solution, or figure out how it actually works.  

GCJ4ZW Unknown Cache POP #1
  WeBeDnD puzzles are great fun, as they are exercises in creative thinking. I recommend all of the POP series, starting with this one.

I haven't even logged this one yet, but this is one of the first ones I've ever solved, even before I was a Geocacher!

GCHC92 Unknown Cache The Sentence
  This is near or at the top of this list. One of the most eloquent puzzles I've ever solved.

If you have interest in cryptography, you can go ahead and solve The Rat's more difficult puzzles - they are put together very well.
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