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Got Math (shared, public)

List Owner: cachbefound

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These are puzzles that can only be solved if you've got some math skills.

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GC10AQT Unknown Cache A Few Degrees of Separation
  Yes there's some dimensional analysis required here.  

GCBB52 Unknown Cache A Little Logic
  There's some fun math here.  

GC25ACD Unknown Cache Algebra Review Micro
  3/21/10 0648h - My daughter tells me this is about 6th grade level.  

GC1EN5B Unknown Cache Angular Reasoning
  This is a great little math problem. How it was created is truly the trick.  

GC4GTRR Unknown Cache Aphid Snout
  At first glance you might think there's not enough to get a toe hold but there is.  

GC177XN Unknown Cache Back To High School
  Good stuff here.  

GCW02R Unknown Cache Bookworm
  There's some basic math here.  

GCT57Z Unknown Cache Choose Your Own Adventure
  There's some clever tid bits of math in here.  

GC15QFX Unknown Cache Cigars (Ca.)
  There's some interesting math here.  

GCA0E3 Unknown Cache Circular Reasoning
  There's some fun applied math in here.  

GCZAGA Unknown Cache Come On Schelly!
  Some interesting math here.  

GC1MATH Unknown Cache Difference Cache
  I think it's safe to say that there's some math required here.  

GCH7J7 Unknown Cache Digits
  This is a great math problem. However, there's only one approach to getting the "More Digits" puzzle.  

GC169J9 Unknown Cache Ed, I Hide
  Yes I'd say there's some math required to crack this one.  

GC15CQ2 Unknown Cache Elementary-School Math - Golf Caching Diversions
  Check the title.  

GC1039B Unknown Cache Elementary-School Math - Pyramid #1
  Check the title.  

GCHY5K Unknown Cache Elliptical Reasoning
  As I write this bookmark I haven’t technically found or even solved this one but there’s some fun math here for sure. I actually looked at this one over a year ago and somehow thought I could crack it with out knowing where waypoint 1 was. However, since that time I have solved The Rat’s Circular Reasoning cache so this one should fall soon. 7/23/09  

GC1Q5QZ Unknown Cache Every Minute Counts
  There's some fun math in here.  

GC1M9R3 Unknown Cache Financial Meltdown
  There's a tiny bit of math here.  

GC175B7 Unknown Cache Geometry Revisited
  Check the title.  
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