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Pete's Greatest Hits List (shared, public)

List Owner: peterkraatz

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I get around a bit with work and my GPSr, flying out at least twice a week. I see some gems. When I do, you'll find them here! Enjoy; these are some of the most fun caches I've tripped over (heaven knows I couldn't find them any other way).

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1TQC4 Traditional Cache 20oz. To Freedom
  Outstanding engineering solution.  

GC70DA Virtual Cache A Tragedy Of The War
  It's now almost two weeks since I found this (11 days?) and I have told as many muggle friends about this puzzle. Just steeped in history, this one is an absolute lesson. One helluva way to explore a microcosm of the Civil War through a single soldier's tale.  

GC11HPZ Traditional Cache Bear Bagging
  It's the retrieval strategy that counts on this one. See if you are smarter than a bear. Lots of suspect TOTTs on the ground, but are they what you need? Or aren't they?  

GC110X6 Traditional Cache Coyote den
  Decent sized local (to Oceanside, CA) cache with room for TBs and lots of swag, yet still almost "cache-n-dash" convenient. I like this one because 1.) it's close; 2.) it's a decent sized container and 3.) this was a buddy's first cache placement after I got him hooked on the game.  

GC10NQ0 Multi-cache I Like Magnets
  This one is a nice multi requiring only a .65 mile walk in a great park in Carlsbad, CA- freeway close. This one makes the list because of the multiple twists in solving to the finish, particularly the third waypoint. The owner has some excellent coordinates on this hide. The 4-star difficulty is deserved, though experienced cachers (say >200 finds) may whip right through.  

GC19JWG Traditional Cache Knick Knack Paddy Whack…
  This thing is ginormous! The find might be easy, but how do you liberate a giant bucket with muggles around? Hmmm? Go after 6pm. Swag was all fresh, dry, and this thing was stocked to the max. Hundreds of little knick-knacks were inside. I'm not a swag trader, but this one could have converted me if the kids were with me.  

GCMTA6 Traditional Cache Lord of the Rings
Do you? Really? Wow- that's pretty darned cool! Do this cache, and don't forget the password. Get the others at the Santa Monica Pier while you are there. You won't regret it.

GC1WGE2 Traditional Cache Not on the wal CA
  One of the most aggressive caches I have ever attempted.  

GC18V0T Traditional Cache Not with a 10-foot pole
  Don't like micros? Maybe you should rethink that objection, read the logs and arm yourself for a great cache. Yeah, it's a micro, but isn't this supposed to be about the hunt? Read the name and consider this: 11 foot won't do the job, either!  

GCKQXQ Traditional Cache PDX Airport Travel Bug Embassy
  This one was the whole reason for starting the bookmark list in the first place. If you land at PDX and have a layover that lets you get out of the terminal for even an hour or so, you can stop in, drop off/pick up travel bugs, then move on. If you're staying in the Portland area, you have to hit this cache. Well maintained, well stocked and airport close: who can beat this? Oh- and not a TB prison, either; the owner has TB management goodies and encourages a LOT of traffic. BIG fun!  

GC100M0 Unknown Cache Presidential Puzzle
  This is what a cache strives to be. A nice-sized box (ammo can) hidden somewhere you would never think to traipse about. AND, because this is an "unknown" (Puzzle) cache it does not land on everyone's PQs looking for cache-n-dash traditional only (people willing to invest the time in the puzzle will likely be more careful). This all equals a clean, dry, well-stocked and undisturbed cache. My only regret is that I dropped off my swag right before getting here.

The puzzle itself is two-phased and includes error checking at the end so you don't go wandering in the wrong direction when you think you have solved it. Invest a couple hours on a rainy day and then go get it when the sun comes up!

GCVC4M Traditional Cache SiRF-Cache
  This is "mecca". Cache contains sample GPS chips for souvenirs and a load of ever changing GPS memorabilia. Use your SiRF chip to find some more SiRF chips!  

GCA25E Traditional Cache Take A Break in SC
  This is a micro at a rest stop near the SC/GA border and near another rest stop cache (GCJDDQ), both on I-95. It makes the list because of the sheer size of the location (though the cache is a micro) and availability of facilities on site. Bring a picnic, enjoy a rest- this is a solid location waiting for more caches. Get to it going north on I-95 from GA.  

GC194GA Multi-cache the dueller's cache
  The size and condition of this cache could be better, but sometimes it's really _just_ about the hunt. Seriously- you get to visit the final resting place of a signer of the Declaration AND the guy who mortally wounded him? This is a history lesson from 10 different directions: go get 'em!  
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