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Superstition Wilderness (shared, public)

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Superstition Wilderness focusing on Apache Trail, Arizona

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GCJ96Y Traditional Cache I Ron Wood
  N 33° 25.987 W 111° 31.721
This is a Micro cache.
Practically a drive up.
Other side of the fence is private property so don't even go there. There will be traffic going by so use your stealth as we in geocaching say! Please rehide the cache the way you found or better. It would be wise to bring your own writing utensil.


GCC801 Virtual Cache 360 View
  N 33° 28.523 W 111° 24.692
You can see through the two finger Saguaro from the cache.
This cache will take you along a beautiful trail in the Superstitions Mountain range up into the Black Mesa.

This cache has been taken back to traditional status after a few actual finds in 2006. I was lead to believe the rangers took the cache a couple years ago, but recent finds proved differently. While facing south from the coordinates, what significant landmarks do you see to the east and north? The view is beautiful from this vantage point. The trail is relatively easy if you are in good shape, but this cache requires some off trail hiking as you get closer to the cache coordinates. Take plenty of water and a lunch for this cache.

GCJ4ZM Traditional Cache A WALK IN THE PARK
  N 33° 26.915 W 111° 35.843
Easy, short desert walk. Beautiful area with desert and mountain views.
Cache container is a 7x7" cookie tin. Parking is at N 33° 26.637 W 111° 35.853. Follow the nature/horse trail most of the way, but you must leave the trail toward the end.
If you want the shortest and fastest route, you can park closer to the cache site and be there within minutes.
Trails open at 6 a.m. and close at 6:30 p.m., so be sure to plan your cache hunt during these hours. Happy Caching!


GCT3NW Traditional Cache Barrel of Fun
  N 33° 28.279 W 111° 30.474
With a Bulldog Canyon permit and a high clearance vehicle seekers can drive to within a few feet of this cache, otherwise the walk is about 1/2 to 3/4 mile.Somewhere between a barrel cactus and a saguaro

GCMR75 Traditional Cache Batman's Retreat
  N 33° 32.093 W 111° 24.449
Special gear: Well, if you try going overland from Tortolita Campground, wear very good shoes, gloves and expect to get wet as you try to cross the stream and bruised as you slide off the rocks into the cactus.
If you go by water, take a canoe or kayak because anything with a motor won’t reach the site and expect a few miles of paddling with jet-skis and speedboats.
Once there, a flashlight and gloves may be useful.

As for the exact location, well the cliffs caused the GPS signal to bounce all over the place so what we listed was the average of all of our readings. But it should get you to within a few dozen meters of the place. Read the short description carefully and you’ll find it.


GCXCC1 Traditional Cache Bone Dry
  N 33° 27.906 W 111° 28.515
This is an easy cache to find.
Turn on road to First Water Trailhead and park at
N33* 28.064, W111*28.668
Happy Hiking!
Log sheet only, Bring own pen

GCQXA1 Traditional Cache Bub's Agave
  N 33° 32.447 W 111° 19.618
BirdOutside of Tortilla Flats on way to Globe.

This is our first hide and we hope everyone enjoys it. The container is a tin canister painted black.
in the bush.

GCRKBA Traditional Cache Cache #47: Concluded K9
  N 33° 33.223 W 111° 33.337
A nice smooth gradual hike all the way until the last 30 feet which makes the terrain rating climb as well as what you will need to do before you can get to the shade of the palo verde.

Parking can be had less than 500 feet from the cache but if you park near N33.186 W33.889 you should not draw any undo attention from passing vehicles.


GC7D1D Traditional Cache Cactus Point Vista
  N 33° 30.497 W 111° 27.460
The Saguaro points the way

GC2D8E Traditional Cache Canyon Lake Tortilla Flats
  N 33° 31.930 W 111° 24.253
Well, have fun with the Cache - it is a tupperware type container with a white top, I will upload photos soon as I get them back.

walk the trail atop the ridge and the cache is between a small rock out cropping that has a split in it. Bush is growing out of it...


GCZNJ4 Traditional Cache Canyon Lake View
  N 33° 31.939 W 111° 27.182
Park at N 33 31.994 W 111 27.275
Short hike to the cache from there, mostly flat terrain.This is along a well-traveled hiking path, with a different view of Canyon Lake from the cache site. Terrain is not too difficult, but please be careful as there are loose rocks in the area.This is a Small cache.

  N 33° 32.459 W 111° 26.968

GCV3AN Traditional Cache Car Sickness Cache
  N 33° 30.862 W 111° 27.470
Container is a large ammo can and trust us, it's fully stocked (see picture). Cache is a little over 500 ft. from the given parking coords, but if you have an offroad vehicle you can get within 60 ft of the cache. It's a little uphill walk and children should be watched carefully due to loose rocks along the path. Watch them even closer once you are within 60 feet or so where there is an abundance of jumping cholla. You'll get an elevated view of the area including the winding Apache Trail below you.


GCQXA6 Traditional Cache Cattle Drive Lake View
  N 33° 32.447 W 111° 27.184
On the road to Tortilla Flats. Look for cattle corral.
This pullover seemed pretty cool and has a great view. I like to geocache on the way up this road to get a break from being car sick!
The pullover cords are N 33 32.426 , W 111 27.172. After that it is a short walk up a hill.

GCJ8N0 Traditional Cache CDs & TBs
  N 33° 26.191 W 111° 30.672
Please trade only CDs or TBs.

GCZVMR Traditional Cache Cliff Hanger 1
  N 33° 21.958 W 111° 26.602

The altitude of the cache is 2167ft.

GCXAXK Traditional Cache Corner Cache
  N 33° 24.460 W 111° 33.815
Micro, log sheet only, don't forget to bring a pen. Watch for little muggles in abundance at certain time

GCYD0V Traditional Cache Cottowood Springs Cache
  N 33° 30.021 W 111° 30.088
The cache name derived from the area at the end of F. S. road 3512. For access to the two closest gates to the cache, take Apache Trail turn left just before mile marker 199 (Hackamore Rd.) to the South gate, or turn left 0.2 mile past mile marker 202. Look for the small brown U.S. Forrest Service "BULLDOG CANYON OHV AREA" sign at both turn-offs. Access at either the South gate: N33* 27.989 / W 111* 30.494 (F.S. road 3512) or the East gate: N33* 28.726 / W111* 28.481 (F.S. road 1356)
Permit: The permit for this area is free. It took less than ten minutes to obtain at the Mesa Ranger District Office (5140 E. Ingram St., Mesa AZ).Look at the pictures. The cactus with a bite out of it is close but the one of the large bolder is more important.

GCG5ZF Traditional Cache Cross Cut Cache
  N 33° 26.210 W 111° 28.404
This site can be made more difficult to find than a "1 1/2" and hike more challenging than a "2" if you choose the outer entrances.
Enter from Broadway or First Water for the full trail experience. Otherwise, enter ? in between.
For this answer just figure out..... Who introduced apiculture to the town's people of Dolores, Guanajuato (Mexico), in the early 1800s. (Among other revolutionary activities) The easiest entry street is named after this person! (dont worry you CAN park there, it IS a public street. Entry can be made there at the end of the street or thru a provided entry on my family's property just north of there.) Say hi to Howard and Serge on the way in!

GCM9Q8 Traditional Cache Dromedary Peak Cache
  N 33° 15.190 W 111° 15.234
Cache is on top of Dromedary peak on state land (permit advised), no trail, about 700' of elevation gain in 1/2 mile, steep and a little brushy. Elevation at the top is 3010'.

Cache is a standard ammo can, with a few tools inside and misc. odds and ends. You can get off highway 60 just west of mile marker 217 at N33 15.859' W111 15.401', go through the gate, and can drive to within about 1/2 mile of it on a rough dirt road, almost 4wd with a little brush. We parked at N33 15.584' W111 15.098' and headed up the north side of the peak. The first point on the route up was N33 15.381 W 111 15.197' and the second point on the route was N33 15.336 W111 15.203 if you want to follow our route.
Cache is just south of the actual peak near a Palo Verde tree, covered with various rocks, partly visible.
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