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Caddyshack Tournament Caches (shared, public)

List Owner: GeoRedheads

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Bookmark containing all of the caches in the SF East Bay Bushwood Memorial Cache series, honoring the 30th Anniversary of the Cinematic Classic, Caddyshack.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC27KKQ Traditional Cache BW 1: I'm All Right!

GC285X0 Traditional Cache BW 10: The Cooter Preference Exam

GC285X1 Traditional Cache BW 11: I Got that Going for Me, Which is Nice

GC285X2 Traditional Cache BW 12: The Lumberyard.

GC285X7 Traditional Cache BW 13: Be the Ball!

GC285X8 Traditional Cache BW 14: I Don't Keep Score, Judge.

GC285XA Traditional Cache BW 15: A Flute with No Holes is Not a Flute

GC285XC Traditional Cache BW 16: The Shortest Distance Between Two Points...

GC285XE Traditional Cache BW 17: See your Future, Be your Future.

GC285XG Unknown Cache BW 18: Back 9, If You Miss, We Lose.

GC285XM Unknown Cache BW 19: The Leaderboard

GC27XNN Traditional Cache BW 2: Kill All of The Gophers!

GC293HX Traditional Cache BW 3: It's A Cinderella Story

GC27XNV Traditional Cache BW 4: And I NEVER Slice!

GC27XP0 Traditional Cache BW 5: Last Time I Saw a Mouth Like That...

GC27XP1 Traditional Cache BW 6: Bowl of Soup

GC27XP4 Traditional Cache BW 7: You Will Get Nothing...

GC285WP Traditional Cache BW 8: This Steak Still has Marks...

GC285WW Unknown Cache BW 9: The Mystery of the Front Nine!
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