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Hurleyanne's Favourite Adventures (shared, public)

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Some of the more memorable caches I've found, for one reason or another.

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GC1XJZT Traditional Cache A View of Paradise
  This is a cache meant to be found from the water, but el_fudgeeo and I decided to try it on foot! Not too bad a bushwhack, and the little bit of snow we had didn't obscure the cache hide too bad. Four days later a big storm went through...  

GCRRDD Multi-cache A walk along the river
  Out with some classmates in a lovely rain shower. It took us about 3 hours, round trip.  

GCV9HX Traditional Cache African Adventures 2
  I was stuck in Edmonton during the blizzard. It was fun looking for this one in deep snow, hoping the passersby wouldn't spot me up the hill!  

GC1E4BR Multi-cache Are we there yet!
  Took the sled out again, this time with the Northbounds! Another 5 hour caching venture doing a 7 stage multi! Stage three was missing... luckily we had the cache owner's phone number to continue on our way.  

GCTPMJ Unknown Cache Beale Cryptogram
  Hmmm, how to get in without water going over and into my boots? And then at the end of it all, forgetting the key to getting into the cache!  

GCYRVT Traditional Cache Birch Lake Isle
  Had no special plans for the long weekend, so decided to make a cache run aiming at getting this cache. A long solitary walk across a lakebed, then up a small hill with a mild quick bushwhack at the end of it. My first terrain 5 cache!  

GCTBVV Traditional Cache Boarding House Gulch
  A lovely little hike with the boyfriend, then where the heck was the cache?  

GC12M67 Traditional Cache Bowhunters Cache
  Found this one with Jay on our first real sledding/caching excursion - a five hour tour! Was excited to find this one as it counts towards Nirakmit's Evil Challenge. Quickest of the three we found that day.  

GC132DK Traditional Cache CACHE STRAPPED
  Hey now, that's a climb! Beautiful day too!  

GCG4VG Traditional Cache Centenial Park Sunday
  Some interesting terrain in a town I didn't know at all!  

GC1CD6H Traditional Cache Dam, dam, dam, dam, dam, dam, dam!
  Drove all the way from Outlook to try to FTF this cache. Didn't read cache listing and came at it from the wrong direction, but wow, what a view that way!  

GC2C6KJ Letterbox Hybrid Dominion Land Survey Challenge
  A nice hike on what used to be a road - wouldn't have really known it except for the cache!  

GC1XMVX Traditional Cache Edmund Hills
  Had a great time caching in the Watrous area with SNSGKrieger, Novy, and Alex 063 after the scavenger hunt. This cache was in a beautiful well out of the way area. After supper with the gang Jay and I cached our way home including a jaunt on a muddy road!  

GC16RGQ Unknown Cache Etched in Stone
  It was fun running around the cemetery looking for the required info. And I also saw where my boyfriend's grandfathers are buried, and took a few minutes to visit my dad.  

GCK25B Groundspeak HQ Groundspeak Headquarters
  The lilypad. first stop on the trifecta while on our trip to washington. Had seen the Dave Matthews Band perform a couple days earlier!  

GCRJ34 Traditional Cache Gundy Caves
  GPSr sent me off in an odd direction, so I was climbing up some fancy cliffs all alone.  

GCTNZV Multi-cache Hard Rock Cache-Eh!
  A cool multi where I had my first experience with ticks (and plenty of them)!  

GC12JTH Traditional Cache Henry Kelsey
  Yay, exploring through big weeds!  

GC1B37A Traditional Cache Hidden Valley
  Did not see any trail to get in, so had to bushwhack through the Saskatoon berries. Yum!  

GC1B592 Multi-cache Hidden Valley #2 Deer Crossing
  Bushwhacking, climbing over dozens of fallen trees, and eating Saskatoons - life doesn't get any better than that!  
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