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Taphophile Challenge - GC5GAQB (shared, public)

List Owner: TreasureTrovers(Va)

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30 caches: TITLE OR DESCRIPTION contains the word Cemetery / Cemetary
OR Grave / Graveyard

qualified need to get cache and share list

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC3QEQ2 Traditional Cache "Bad" Frank Phillips Grave

GC316N2 Traditional Cache A Shady and Peaceful Spot
  In description  

GC31BZP Traditional Cache Ashes To Caches
  In description  

GCA619 Multi-cache Challenge to Pentagon
  In description  

GC741B Virtual Cache Decades of Service
  In description  

GC3QE8B Traditional Cache Dils Cemetery

GCPK5F Traditional Cache Faux Walls Around Us
  In description  

GC51KMT Wherigo Cache Forest Lawn: Meet the Residents
  In description  

GC1CX2V Traditional Cache Gravedigger

GC3QEQH Traditional Cache HMGT #01 The Baby's Grave at Aunt Betty's House

GC3QER3 Traditional Cache HMGT #06 Hatfield McCoy Monument - Blackberry Park
  In description  

GC3QERF Traditional Cache HMGT #15 "Devil" Anse Hatfield Grave

GC3QERD Traditional Cache HMGT #4 The Wash Stand/Hatfield Cemetery

GCQN3G Traditional Cache Kempsville History
  In description  

GC2YBX7 Traditional Cache Lamp unto my feet, Light unto my path
  In description  

GC5CVD9 Wherigo Cache NHT: Symbols of the Cemetery

GC5PZJF Multi-cache Notables At Cedar Grove Cemetery

GC1K8KD Traditional Cache One Big Grave Yard

GC3QEQ4 Traditional Cache Perry Cline Gravesite

GC3E56 Virtual Cache Place of Honor
  In description  
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