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The Autobots Fizzy Challenge (shared, public)

List Owner: The Autobots

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To be able to claim a find on this cache, you will need to first find at least one cache of every difficulty/terrain combination (81 unique combinations). As part of those finds, you'll need to have at least one of each of the cache types below (the different cache types DO count against the 81, so if you find a 2.5/2.5 multi-cache, it fulfills both requirements.):

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCQXYE Earthcache D1 T1 Luke Salt Deposit Earthcache
  Placed 10/11/2005 Found 05/28/2009  

GCGQVK Virtual Cache D1 T1.5 This Old House
  Placed 08/24/2003 Found 05/21/2009  

GCYD0K Traditional Cache D1 T2 Blake Ranch
  Placed 9/18/06 Found 1/10/08  

GC1B0TH Traditional Cache D1 T2.5 Crozier Canyon Rail Road View
  Placed 4/5/08 Found 4/10/08  

GC17J6Z Traditional Cache D1 T3 Towering Above
  Placed 11/22/2007 Found 12/30/2007  

GC197BD Traditional Cache D1 T3.5 Top O' The World
  Placed 02/08/2008 Found 02/09/2008  

GCKZ7M Traditional Cache D1 T4 A Shocking View
  Placed 10/29/04 Found 3/7/10  

GCRVHY Traditional Cache D1 T4.5 New Years Day Summit
  Placed 01/01/2006 Found 04/01/2008  

GCE001 Traditional Cache D1 T5 3260 mine
  Placed 01/13/2004 Found 05/30/2010  

GCH2GB Traditional Cache D1.5 T1 AZ Xmas Tree
  Placed 10/11/03 Found 8/21/08  

GC1BYBC Letterbox Hybrid D1.5 T1.5 Parr is on Price LBH
  Placed 05/04/2008 Found 09/24/2008  

GCR8EN Traditional Cache D1.5 T2 Tri-State A
  Placed 11/26/2005 Found 07/19/2007  

GCZW6H Traditional Cache D1.5 T2.5 Three Poles
  Placed 12/17/2006 Found 07/12/2007  

GC15T8A Traditional Cache D1.5 T3 Jeeps can get stuck?
  Placed 09/08/2007 Found 10/12/2008  

GC19RJE Multi-cache D1.5 T3.5 Cerbat Cliffs
  Placed 2/29/08 Found 3/26/08  

GCP76X Traditional Cache D1.5 T4 Buckhorn Creek Wash Arrowhead
  Placed 06/05/2005 Found 06/17/10  

GCZA7G Traditional Cache D1.5 T4.5 Hello Mt. Wilson
  Placed 11/10/2006 Found 11/09/2008  

GCK51J Traditional Cache D1.5 T5 Jeep "Predator"
  Placed 07/31/2004 Found 08/07/2010  

GC16RHE Traditional Cache D2 T1 Oatman
  Placed 10/17/2007 Found 12/16/2007  

GC12H8K Traditional Cache D2 T1.5 Hualapai Windmill
  Placed 04/29/2007 Found 06/24/2007  
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