Solved but not found puzzle caches (shared, public)

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Perhaps someday I'll make a whirlwind tour of the area to pick these up.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC5X769 Unknown Cache A Barrel A Bucket A Riddle A Redux

GC5F1TV Unknown Cache Is there an Eichler Home near you?

GC5H9AX Unknown Cache Quiet well Balanced not Dead Organ Pipe Mud Wasp

GC409H0 Unknown Cache 🍺 The Most Interesting Geocacher in the World 🍻

GC307VZ Unknown Cache Weasel's Outdoor Lesson #4-- Bugs

GC5NXWD Unknown Cache ... been berry, berry good to me!!!

GC59321 Unknown Cache \ Sepia Sky at the Slough \

GC5HARM Unknown Cache ^^ Block of Geese ^^

GC49JME Unknown Cache 1461

GC602YD Unknown Cache 1600 Pennsylvania

GC6WCFV Unknown Cache 24 Carrots (KPC2016)

GC5HA10 Unknown Cache 4 Letter Words: From ROOT to TREE

GC6GRQ7 Unknown Cache 7.8% of a Picture (KPC2016)

GC4HHKR Unknown Cache 8 is 5 and 3 is 0 (KPC2013)
  I could only identify 11 of the 15 elements, but two of the unknown could be determined without decoding, and an educated guess could be made about a third, for which there were only two options. One digit could be determined in this manner, and the choice of coordinates was made by testing it out on Google Maps. I didn't like any of the locations that this placed me, but being unable to resolve this any further, I took a stab at it. Much to my surprise, I got a happy Homer with my first guess. Sometimes a blind squirrel finds a nut.  

GC4RJ3E Unknown Cache 9 Keys to Find Me

GC5A6JD Unknown Cache 99 Bottles of Beer

GC6AZRK Unknown Cache A Dino-mite Cache

GC4RT26 Unknown Cache A Fairy Tale?

GC55AB7 Unknown Cache A Literary Geocache Puzzle

GC57W95 Unknown Cache A Million to One
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