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Destroy Sauron's Ring in Fire! (shared, public)

List Owner: Der Wald-Pirat

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Sauron's Ring was not destroyed, but just teleported through time. Now it has been found again! Here it is: (visit link)

Still, it must be destroyed. Any hot, active volcano will do, if the ring is thrown into the lava.

This list provides possible destinations. It is a list of caches in, on or very near active volcanos. If you go there, please take the ring with you, throw it in and videotape it! Some of the volcanoes listed have been active in the last decades, but temporarily cooled down. Please make sure to select a volcano which is active at the time of your trip to destroy the evil ring!

Some of the most active volcanoes have no earth cache close to it. Find a list of them here: (visit link)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC24VXZ Earthcache !!! Ngauruhoe - Mt Doom (Central Plateau)
  New Zealand, North Island
favorite site for the destruction of the TB

GC1GB24 Traditional Cache Agung
  Indonesia, Bali

lots of active volcanoes in Indonesia: (visit link)

GC236Y2 Earthcache Arenal Volcano Earthcache
  Costa Rica  

GC2XF9E Traditional Cache Arimura Lava Lookout
  Japan: 1 mile from Sakura-jima  

GC2KK74 Traditional Cache Arjuna Temple
  Indonesia, Java: at the Dieng Volcano Complex  

GC1T5K4 Earthcache Aso Caldera

GC10DKC Traditional Cache Auga Box
  Guatemala: while Mount Agua here is dormant, 5 miles to the West, the Volcano de Fuego is very active

GC1TT2C Earthcache Black Sand Beach

GC1EXM0 Earthcache Cardiff Taranaki Volcanic layers
  New Zealand, North Island  

GCKM8M Traditional Cache Cone_Z

GCB5D7 Traditional Cache Erta Ale Volcano

GC1ZV3X Traditional Cache Eruption!
  Costa Rica: Arenal  

GC24JQF Earthcache Etna Vulcanos

GC25H0Y Earthcache Gunung (Mount) Batur
  Indonesia, Bali  

GC1VKKX Earthcache Gunung Bromo
  Indonesia, Java  

GCQV5G Earthcache Hawaii Volcanoes N.P. - Caldera and Crater
  USA, Hawaii  

GC3E4E Virtual Cache Hot Rox
  USA, Hawaii  

GC1VKK2 Earthcache Kelimutu wonders
  Indonesia, Flores  


GC1N9B7 Traditional Cache Mount Asama (an active volcano)
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