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U.S. Challenge Caches: States T-U (shared, public)

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Caches, for U.S. States T-U, that require you to find a certain number of other caches that meet specific criteria (plus a few exceptions.) Difficulty of the task varies.

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Last updated 03/15/2013

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC3JEZK Unknown Cache TN - 100-- 'Star Search Day'-- Challenge! (GC3JEZK)
  Find caches, all within one calendar day, whose Difficulty plus Terrain ratings total at least 100 points

GC3HBJ5 Unknown Cache TN - 120 Days of Caching Challenge* (GC3HBJ5)
  Find a cache on 120 calendar dates

GC2Q34B Unknown Cache TN - 1-2-3-4-5 Cache icons--IN-A-DAY- CHALLENGE FR/TR#3 (GC2Q34B)
  Find 5 different cache types in one day after 01/01/2011

GC3K8H1 Unknown Cache TN - 2/3 Year of Caching - 244 Days - Challenge!* (GC3K8H1)
  Find a cache on 244 calendar dates

GC2V980 Unknown Cache TN - 20-20-15-15-5 Cache CHALLENGE* (GC2V980)
  Find a designated number of different cache types

GC3EMJD Unknown Cache TN - 25,000 Miles or More: A Challenge (GC3EMJD)
  Find 250 caches more than 100 miles from your home coordinates
Premium Member Only

GC2KWZ9 Unknown Cache TN - 5-ICON 'In-a-Day' Caching Challenge! l-40 RS East (GC2KWZ9)
  Find 5 different cache types in one day after 12/01/2009

GC2XTCJ Unknown Cache TN - a 7-Challenge--Challenge!* (GC2XTCJ)
  Find 7 Challenge caches

GC22QRV Unknown Cache TN - A Century In A Month (GC22QRV)
  Find 100 caches in one month
Premium Member Only

GC22WJW Unknown Cache TN - A Century In a Week (GC22WJW)
  Find 100 caches in one week
Premium Member Only

GC22V86 Unknown Cache TN - A Century of A Cache Owner (GC22V86)
  Find 100 caches hidden by one geocacher
Premium Member Only

GC2P01K Unknown Cache TN - Abiectio, the Evil One? (Challenge Cache) (GC2P01K)
  Find West Tennessee caches of designated Types, Size, Difficulty, Terrain, and Locations
Premium Member Only

GC2ZZ0N Unknown Cache TN - Alphanumeric Challenge - Tennessee Edition (GC2ZZ0N)
  Find a cache hidden by a geocacher registered before 07/11/2011 with a name starting with each letter of the alphabet and each digit 0-9
Premium Member Only

GC25P5J Unknown Cache TN - Alphanumeric Challenge-Cache Name (GC25P5J)
  Find a cache starting with each letter of the alphabet and each digit 0-9
Premium Member Only

GC43AW3 Unknown Cache TN - CHALLENGE! Earned 35 Souvenirs

GC3JQ9M Unknown Cache TN - CHALLENGE--"I found a cache on 2-29 !" (GC3JQ9M)
  Find a cache on February 29th

GC3M8P1 Unknown Cache TN - CHALLENGE: 100 NON-TRADITIONAL 'Finds' (GC3M8P1)
  Find 100 non-Traditional caches

  Find 150 non-Traditional caches

GC3Q7GE Unknown Cache TN - CHALLENGE: 22 Souvenirs * (GC3Q7GE)
  Have 22 Souvenirs in your geocaching profile

GC3Q7G6 Unknown Cache TN - CHALLENGE: 250 NON-TRADITIONAL 'finds'*
  Find 250 non-Traditional caches  
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