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Hints That Don't Help (shared, public)

List Owner: NCad

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After more than 4000 cache finds we decided to celebrate that bane of all geocachers, "Hints That Don't Help" in finding a cache. We'll probably limit it to caches we ourselves have found.

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GC4343M Traditional Cache !Way Does
  "None needed"

Ack! Again with the stupidest hint ever. Congratulations.

GC5TM56 Traditional Cache "A Very Red Eye"

Yes, really!

GC2X7A7 Traditional Cache "Almost Out Of Reach #02"
  "sorry charlie"

Don't presume to know us! You don't know us! You don't even know our name!

GC2THH4 Traditional Cache "Contented"
  "none needed"

We're getting tired of the utter unoriginality of these non-hints.

GC24RNA Traditional Cache 1,000,000 Caches?? Shooting for the stars!!!
  "None Needed"

After a half-million geocachers, that's a million words that didn't need to be decoded.

GC2FM9D Traditional Cache 2nd Day of Cachemas
  "none needed"

There must have been a sale on these two words because you can't swing an ammo can without hitting them.

GC3CCHH Traditional Cache A Shoe In
  "You don't need help on this cache."

Yes, but we need to rid ourselves of ignorant help.

GC39Q3N Traditional Cache A Thousand Splendid Suns
  "Too easy."

You would think that a little imagination would come in handy here. But no, the cache and the hint are both worthless. It was sunny though.

GC3CCHP Traditional Cache A Worsley Cache
  "None offered."

None detected.

GC47HGC Traditional Cache Alas Poor Yorik "the cat"
  "I knew him Horatio!"

We don't really care about your Facebook friends. Please give us something useful, okay?

GC2NHEJ Traditional Cache Along the road
  "None on this hide!!!!"

And nothing worthwhile in your head, either.

GC1BTT6 Traditional Cache Alta Vista Micro
  "no no no"

Yes, yes, yes. Repeating yourself doesn't help your ridiculous hint.

GC51X9Y Traditional Cache Apple of My Eye!!!
  "You really don't need one....really!"

Except that the coordinates are horribly off so either become more competent or quit lying to your searchers.

GC2GPQW Traditional Cache Baby Bubba, SeedCache#8 A Salute to Devil Dog LT
  "Too easy for additional hints, one for the numbers and the STORY."

Blah, Blah, Blah....Here's the story: how about just give us a hint, like you're supposed to do?

GC2GR9J Traditional Cache Back Door Escape
  "Put on your thinking cap and figure this one put all by yourself. :p "

Telling us how to dress doesn't really help in finding the cache, Anna Wintour. A little problem with that one word too.

GC1YCPM Traditional Cache Bedrock!
  "Do not click decrypt . . . You're an idiot"

This cache owner tells you the one thing your friends refuse to reveal, that you're an "idiot". With that revelation finally acknowledged, locating the cache is a breeze.

GC3HNYB Traditional Cache Bike Bridge
  "To easy"

No, you go to a spelling class.

GC239Q3 Traditional Cache Borrego Big Bird 2
  "Should be easy."

Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda. We don't always get what we want. But cache owners have an obligation to give us what we need. So disappointing.

GC19X8V Traditional Cache Butterfield Stage
  "No hints needed."

Oh, really? Then why do almost 5% of seekers fail to find it? Hmmm?

GC1FWZ7 Traditional Cache Cache with a View
  "None needed"

A sad little commentary on a worthless message.
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