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GC3MVMP Spelldown List (shared, public)

List Owner: Bluespade00

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GC codes spell 3 or 4 letter words w/o unscrambling. May sub 0=O, 1=I, 2=C, 3=E, 4=H, 5=S, 6=B, 7=L, 9=D. 8 are wild, but can only be used twice.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC3YPEP Traditional Cache "Country" Caching in the City #2
  PEP [7 pts]
to fill with energy

GC3Y381 Traditional Cache "Country" Caching in the City #3
  EYE [6 pts]
the organ of sight

GC3Z0KE Traditional Cache "Country" Caching in the City #4
  OKE [7 pts]

GC3YPEE Traditional Cache "Country" Caching in the City #5
  PEE [5 pts]
the letter P

GC3AX17 Traditional Cache Agave #2: Micro in the Woods
  AXIL [11 pts]
the angle between the upper side of a leaf and its supporting stem

GC14EH9 Traditional Cache Ashes to Ashes - Scotts Chapel
  HEH [9 pts]
a Hebrew letter

GC2D6AG Traditional Cache Boat Launch Cache
  BAG [6 pts]
to put into a bag (a flexible container)

GCMPAM Traditional Cache Breivik
  PAM [7 pts]
the jack of clubs in certain card games

GC20PTG Traditional Cache CCG Series #0003 - Pic- a- nic - away # 4
  OPT [5 pts]
to choose

GC1B515 Traditional Cache Color of Money
  SIS [3 pts]

GC2AX3K Traditional Cache Crow Cemetary
  AXE [10 pts]
to ax

GC3QAT3 Traditional Cache Deeeeeep Home Run
  QAT [12 pts]
ATE [3 pts]
blind impulse or reckless ambition that drives one to ruin

GC1B3ND Traditional Cache Do Not Anchor or Dredge
  BEND [7 pts]
to curve -- BENDABLE

(BEN [5 pts]
an inner room

END [4 pts]
to terminate )

GC2B0X2 Traditional Cache DYK Waco - Suspended
  BOX [12 pts]
to put in a box (a rectangular container)

GC1A54K Traditional Cache Forward! March!
  ASH [6 pts]
to convert into ash (the residue of a substance that has been burned)

GC177JP Traditional Cache From Work #16 - Old Neches Hwy East
  ILL [3 pts]
not well

ILL [3 pts]
an evil

GCH70G Traditional Cache Gotta go, Gotta go, Gotta go, Right Now!!
  LOG [4 pts]
to cut down trees for timber

GC3A40W Traditional Cache Hawg Haven
  HOW [9 pts]
a method of doing something

GC3W3KZ Traditional Cache I feel so small
  EWE [6 pts]
a female sheep

GC2TWA1 Traditional Cache In the Open
  TWA [6 pts]
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