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My FTF !!! (shared, public)

List Owner: JohnnyM.

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There are caches which I found as first geocacher.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1471N Multi-cache #001 Mrtnik
  My first FTF  

GC19KMZ Traditional Cache #002 Semaforova #1
  My second FTF  

GC1C5M1 Multi-cache #003 (VK-79) Via Moravica – estakáda Velká
  My third FTF, during Valašské keškobraní  

GC1C5M5 Multi-cache #004 (VK-80) Via Moravica – odbocka R48, est. Belotín
  My fourth FTF, during Valašské keškobraní  

GC1C5M8 Multi-cache #005 (VK-81) Rodný dum J. G. Mendela
  My fifth FTF, during Valašské keškobraní  

GC1KTE6 Unknown Cache #006 Honzikova cesta
  My best FTF  

GC1RD4T Multi-cache #007 Z Dolnich Brezan na Zavist
  My seventh FTF  

GC1NVDD Traditional Cache #008 (VK-130) Rybnicek pod Vartovnou
  My eighth FTF, during Valašské keškobraní 2009  

GC1PVY9 Traditional Cache #009 (VK-107) Papajske sedlo
  My nineth FTF, during Valašské keškobraní 2009  

GC1XWHE Letterbox Hybrid #010 Hexenschuss
  My tenth FTF, during famous adrenalin event Plnou parou! (Hurky 2009)  

GC1Y2CH Traditional Cache #011 Kaplicka pod Landstejnem
  My eleventh FTF, during famous adrenalin event Plnou parou! (Hurky 2009)  

GC1XB1Q Unknown Cache #012 Poker II - Piky / Poker II - Spades
  My twelft FTF, crazy found on unpublic cache  

GC1ZVDP Traditional Cache #013 Nächster Stop Schweiz - TB Hotel
  My thirteenth FTF, during long way to Basel and back.  

GC20DGC Traditional Cache #014 Prague bridges 23 - Barrandovsky most
  My fourteenth FTF, hard work to climb on Barrandes bridge.  

GC1Z70R Traditional Cache #015 Asuan
  My fifteenth FTF, after climbing to Barrandes bridge.  

GC210B5 Unknown Cache #016 F13 TEAM BONUS CACHE
  My sixteenth FTF, after whole day spent on all owners caches.  

GC1ZYG8 Unknown Cache #017 on the Moon
  My seventeenth FTF, hard mystery of grandiose owner from north bohemia.  

GC22FNZ Unknown Cache #018 Na Stope #3 / On The Scent #3
  My eighteenth FTF, It was hard to find all indicies.  

GC1ZYG7 Unknown Cache #019 nakopni ten vozejk ..
  My nineteenth FTF, hard mystery of grandiose owner from north bohemia again. We win after 12 hours hunt.  

GC22VHF Traditional Cache #020 Skalka
  My twentieth FTF near the Rokycany city.  
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