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The Leprechauns' Top 5% Greatest Cache Hunts (shared, public)

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Here's the top 5% of our cache finds (not including caches later archived). Caches with an asterisk* were found with Goldilocks as "Team Irish Gold" and caches with a caret^ are hunts where Little Leprechaun participated. Our 272 favorites reflect the 46 states and six countries where we've found caches, as follows: PA - 96, OH - 48, WA - 25, TN - 11, WV - 11, NV - 8, NY - 8, Australia - 6, KS - 6, MI - 5, CO - 4, KY - 4, MO - 3, MD - 3, NC - 3, AR - 2, CA -2, IL - 2, IN - 2, ME - 2, NE - 2, AZ - 1, CT - 1, DE - 1, FL - 1, ID - 1, MT - 1, NJ - 1, OR - 1, SC - 1, TX - 1, VT - 1, Israel - 1 & Jordan - 1. Traditional (non-micro) - 125, Micro - 40, Mystery/Puzzle/Challenge - 36, Multicache - 30, Virtual - 18, Letterbox Hybrid - 7, Earthcache - 6, GPS Adventures Maze - 1, Geocaching HQ - 1, Project APE - 1, Wherigo - 1. To find 70+ terrific caches in the Greater Pittsburgh area, search for keyword: (Local) on this list.

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GC17MX1 Multi-cache Bridges & Arches of Central Park* - A TOP 10 CACHE
  New York. Over two days, we visited every bridge and arch in Central Park to collect the information needed to discover the location of this cache. We were rewarded with a custom geocoin themed to the cache.  

GCVTH7 Traditional Cache Chimney Top Cache - A TOP 10 CACHE^
  West Virginia. An exhausting hike to a challenging rock scramble find was made worthwhile by the spectacular views from the North Fork Mountain Trail.  

GCX0QP Traditional Cache Easterly Extreme - A TOP 10 CACHE^
  Australia. Hike past a classic lighthouse to a tip of land jutting into the Pacific, while watching kangaroos hop on the hillside and humpback whales cavort in Byron Bay.  

GC13DC Traditional Cache Ebey Bluffs - A TOP 10 CACHE^
  Washington. Best view ever. Went twice, even though it's across the country.  

GCGY9C Traditional Cache Melakwa's Heaven - A TOP 10 CACHE
  Washington. Spectacular mountain top view after tortuous rock scramble.  

GCQ03E Unknown Cache Mocopulence - A TOP 10 CACHE*
  Ohio. This journey through a residential backyard was part anti-war protest, part Ohio history exhibit, and part art installation. A one of a kind spot!  

GC282A Traditional Cache Petra - A TOP 10 CACHE
  Jordan. I felt like Indiana Jones crossing wooden bridges and climbing narrow stone steps up a mountain to Jordan's oldest cache, where I was rewarded with a picture postcard view.  

GCH643 Traditional Cache The Upper Yough Trek - A TOP 10 CACHE
  Maryland. Killer bushwack after a long hike along a spectacular wild river.  

GC59AF Traditional Cache Thousand Steps Cache - A TOP 10 CACHE^*
  Pennsylvania. A stone stairway up the side of a mountain, so the quarry workers could commute. The Leprechauns' 100th Find in 2002, and re-found with Goldilocks in 2019! Surviving entry from our first "Top 10" favorites list in 2003.  

GCGC55 Virtual Cache Warthog Down - A TOP 10 CACHE
  Arizona. Grueling desert hike up to mountaintop site of a jet crash.  

GCHE3Y Traditional Cache "Old" 1880 Bridge
  Kentucky. A nice letterboxing clue led me to a creatively hidden cache at a beautiful, long covered bridge in the middle of nowhere.  

GC66F Traditional Cache ...and a whimper
  Washington. Another mountain with breathtaking views, another EraSeek cache. The high point of my third geo-trip to Washington.  

GC8N105 Traditional Cache 000 - Ruddlo's Panhandle PowerTrail*
  Pennsylvania. The beginning of a long power trail, best done by bike.  

GC4DK9M Traditional Cache 001 - Eldorado!^
  Nevada. The beginning of a 500 cache power trail, done by 4x4 in the Mojave Desert.  

GC1Y772 Traditional Cache 090909*
  Kentucky. An imaginative gadget cache had us pulling and unscrewing things in an innocent looking road gate.  

GC8CM7C Unknown Cache 1. "X" Marks the Spot (Groundfox) Geoart*
  Ohio. My favorite of 30+ T5 paddle caches around a lake, because we paddled through a tunnel to access it.  

GC32TDQ Unknown Cache 100% challenge
  California. A nice straightforward Fizzy Challenge, made even better by its location along the Santa Ana River Trail amidst a power trail of other hiking/biking cache finds.  

GC6AWV1 Unknown Cache 147429*
  Pennsylvania. The largest cache I've ever found - or been inside!  

GC8RX9Q Unknown Cache 17 Elmer Davis Kayaker*
  Kentucky. Our favorite out of a kayak power trail around a nice lake.  

GC5CP2B Unknown Cache 360 Degrees of Ohio Challenge Cache
  Ohio. One of the hardest challenge caches I've ever completed: find a cache in each of the 360 degree arcs around a point in north central Ohio. Took years, since I live in PA.  
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