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The Leprechauns' Top 5% Greatest Cache Hunts (shared, public)

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Here's the top 5% of our cache finds (not including caches later archived). Caches with an asterisk* were found with Goldilocks as "Team Irish Gold" and caches with a caret^ are hunts where Little Leprechaun participated. Our 270 favorites reflect the 46 states and six countries where we've found caches, as follows: PA - 96, OH - 48, WA - 25, TN - 11, WV - 11, NV - 8, NY - 7, Australia - 6, KS - 6, MI - 5, CO - 4, KY - 4, MO - 4, CA - 3, MD - 3, NC - 3, AR - 2, IL - 2, IN - 2, ME - 2, NE - 2, AZ - 1, CT - 1, DE - 1, FL - 1, ID - 1, MT - 1, OR - 1, SC - 1, TX - 1, VT - 1, Israel - 1 & Jordan - 1. Traditional (non-micro) - 125, Micro - 43, Mystery/Puzzle/Challenge - 36, Multicache - 29, Virtual - 16, Letterbox Hybrid - 7, Earthcache - 6, GPS Adventures Maze - 1, Geocaching HQ - 1, Project APE - 1, Wherigo - 1. To find 70+ terrific caches in the Greater Pittsburgh area, search for keyword: (Local) on this list.

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GCVY2Z Traditional Cache Bear Rocks Caves - A TOP 10 CACHE
  Pennsylvania. Explore caves and rock formations -- there's a cache hidden in one of them!  

GCVTH7 Traditional Cache Chimney Top Cache - A TOP 10 CACHE^
  West Virginia. An exhausting hike to a challenging rock scramble find was made worthwhile by the spectacular views from the North Fork Mountain Trail.  

GCX0QP Traditional Cache Easterly Extreme - A TOP 10 CACHE^
  Australia. Hike past a classic lighthouse to a tip of land jutting into the Pacific, while watching kangaroos hop on the hillside and humpback whales cavort in Byron Bay.  

GC13DC Traditional Cache Ebey Bluffs - A TOP 10 CACHE^
  Washington. Best view ever. Went twice, even though it's across the country.  

GCGY9C Traditional Cache Melakwa's Heaven - A TOP 10 CACHE
  Washington. Spectacular mountain top view after tortuous rock scramble.  

GCQ03E Unknown Cache Mocopulence - A TOP 10 CACHE*
  Ohio. This journey through a residential backyard was part anti-war protest, part Ohio history exhibit, and part art installation. A one of a kind spot!  

GC282A Traditional Cache Petra - A TOP 10 CACHE
  Jordan. I felt like Indiana Jones crossing wooden bridges and climbing narrow stone steps up a mountain to Jordan's oldest cache, where I was rewarded with a picture postcard view.  

GCH643 Traditional Cache The Upper Yough Trek - A TOP 10 CACHE
  Maryland. Killer bushwack after a long hike along a spectacular wild river.  

GC59AF Traditional Cache Thousand Steps Cache - A TOP 10 CACHE^*
  Pennsylvania. A stone stairway up the side of a mountain, so the quarry workers could commute. The Leprechauns' 100th Find in 2002, and re-found with Goldilocks in 2019! Surviving entry from our first "Top 10" favorites list in 2003.  

GCGC55 Virtual Cache Warthog Down - A TOP 10 CACHE
  Arizona. Grueling desert hike up to mountaintop site of a jet crash.  

GCHE3Y Traditional Cache "Old" 1880 Bridge
  Kentucky. A nice letterboxing clue led me to a creatively hidden cache at a beautiful, long covered bridge in the middle of nowhere.  

GC66F Traditional Cache ...and a whimper
  Washington. Another mountain with breathtaking views, another EraSeek cache. The high point of my third geo-trip to Washington.  

GC8N105 Traditional Cache 000 - Ruddlo's Panhandle PowerTrail*
  Pennsylvania. The beginning of a long power trail, best done by bike.  

GC4DK9M Traditional Cache 001 - Eldorado!^
  Nevada. The beginning of a 500 cache power trail, done by 4x4 in the Mojave Desert.  

GC1Y772 Traditional Cache 090909*
  Kentucky. An imaginative gadget cache had us pulling and unscrewing things in an innocent looking road gate.  

GC8CM7C Unknown Cache 1. "X" Marks the Spot (Groundfox) Geoart*
  Ohio. My favorite of 30+ T5 paddle caches around a lake, because we paddled through a tunnel to access it.  

GC32TDQ Unknown Cache 100% challenge
  California. A nice straightforward Fizzy Challenge, made even better by its location along the Santa Ana River Trail amidst a power trail of other hiking/biking cache finds.  

GC6AWV1 Unknown Cache 147429*
  Pennsylvania. The largest cache I've ever found - or been inside!  

GC8RX9Q Unknown Cache 17 Elmer Davis Kayaker*
  Kentucky. Our favorite out of a kayak power trail around a nice lake.  

GC5CP2B Unknown Cache 360 Degrees of Ohio Challenge Cache
  Ohio. One of the hardest challenge caches I've ever completed: find a cache in each of the 360 degree arcs around a point in north central Ohio. Took years, since I live in PA.  
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