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Leatherman's Circuit (shared, public)

List Owner: Katydid & Miles Stone

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The Leatherman's Circuit cache series commemorates the travels of Leatherman in the late 1800s. (visit link)

Leatherman once roamed SW Connecticut and SE New York from 1858 to 1889. He traveled a 365-mile loop between the Connecticut and Hudson rivers. Approximately every month he would repeat his journey. The man spoke primarily with grunts or gestures and dressed in crudely stitched leather from his hat to his shoes. The suit was made of soft-tanned calfskin leather and weighed about sixty pounds. (visit link) He would sleep outside year-round mostly in caves around Connecticut and New York. More information on Leatherman can be found at (visit link)

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC83DE Traditional Cache Leatherman's Cave
  by Angelica and BobSr., Mattatuck trail near Thomaston (visit link)  

GC1DBGB Traditional Cache Leatherman's Circuit - Berlin
  by KDubs and Mr Echo (visit link)  

GCV69D Multi-cache Leatherman's Circuit – Black Rock
  by JAMM (visit link)  

GCR5VQ Traditional Cache Leatherman's Circuit - Blue Mountain
  by geobernd (visit link)  

GCVT1Y Traditional Cache Leatherman's Circuit - Bull's Hill Cave
  by Perfect Tommy (visit link)  

GCE305 Traditional Cache Leatherman's Circuit - Donner und Blitzen
  by jonboy (visit link)  

GCW8WY Traditional Cache Leatherman's Circuit - East Bristol
  by Team Beer  

GCVN2M Traditional Cache Leatherman's Circuit - Elijah's Ledges, Westbrook
  by CTKayak (visit link)  

GCW1D6 Multi-cache Leatherman's Circuit - Essex
  by Devillo (visit link)  

GCW9MX Traditional Cache Leatherman's Circuit - Final Resting Place
  by worldsbesthomebiz (visit link)  

GCV2X7 Traditional Cache Leatherman's Circuit - Hamden Paper Road
  by jmq and yodadog (visit link)  

GCTYF8 Multi-cache Leatherman's Circuit – Hartford
  by Katydid & Miles Stone (visit link)  

GCVY2A Traditional Cache Leatherman's Circuit - Helicker's Cave
  by Perfect Tommy (visit link)  

GCW44P Multi-cache Leatherman's Circuit - Killingworth Cave
  by Four Distinct Personalities and Wing-It (visit link)  

GCTTM5 Multi-cache Leatherman's Circuit - New Milford
  By Climbermom (visit link)  

GCVXDN Multi-cache Leatherman's Circuit - Prospect Mountain
  by Orion and Son (visit link)  

GC11XZJ Multi-cache Leatherman's Circuit - Rattlesnake Ledges
  by 4 Distinct Personalities and Leatherback TURTLE (visit link)  

GCVN32 Traditional Cache Leatherman's Circuit - Roxbury
  by Climbermom (visit link)  

GCVZVZ Traditional Cache Leatherman's Circuit - Southeast Middletown
  by Leatherback TURTLE (visit link)  

GC1D9ZC Traditional Cache Leatherman's Circuit - Southington
  by KDubs (visit link)  
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