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Puzzles Solved, Not Found (shared, public)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC2BT19 Unknown Cache *T 4 2*
  123 miles from home near Dansville, NY  

GC1DV0E Unknown Cache A Cache Sure to Amaze
  593 miles from home near Atlanta, GA
solved 1/14/11 as part of Master of Mystery #1

GC161E6 Unknown Cache A Micro for Whistler III: Color Wheel
  148 miles from home, Wayne County, PA  

GC1B258 Unknown Cache A Tale of Frost
  86 miles from home, South Lebanon County, PA  

GC36PZY Unknown Cache ABSOLUT Cache
  4447 miles from home in Croatia
solved and confirmed 3/18/2012

GC2AV3T Unknown Cache Al Ritmo del Algoritmo
  Madrid, Spain
Solved and confirmed 2/19/2012

GC12ZA6 Unknown Cache Alex
  4,370 miles from home in Vienna, Austria
Solved 2/14/2011 for the International Man of Mystery Challenge

GC1AATC Unknown Cache Archangel
  9,757 miles from home near Campbeltown, New South Wales, Australia. Solved 1/20/11  

GC10RX6 Unknown Cache AUTO REPLY
  3,780 miles from home in the Netherlands.
Solved 1/22/11 as part of Master of Mystery #1

GC1P4J2 Unknown Cache BARCODE
  4,327 miles from home in Toscana, Italy
Solved 2/14/2011 for the International Man of Mystery Challenge

GC21ENY Unknown Cache BIN
  159 miles from home, Pike County, PA  

GC1C98T Unknown Cache Bludiste / The Maze
  4,232 miles from home in the Czech Republic
solved and confirmed 2/19/2012
D=3 stars

GC17ZAW Unknown Cache Cache mystère pour les Nuls
  391 miles from home in Quebec, Canada
Solved 1/19/11 as part of Master of Mystery #1

GC1ETCM Unknown Cache Carnival of the Animals
  76 miles from home, SE corner of Franklin county. DeLorme p.81  

GC14E5C Unknown Cache CD #2: Polybius Point
  3,615 miles from home, south side of London
Solved 1/12/11

GC24YQC Unknown Cache Cedar Split Rail Fence
  318 miles from home in Ann Arbor, MI
Archived before we had a chance to look.

GC1FZYX Unknown Cache Chain Reaction? Absolutely!
  134 miles from home near Ithaca, NY
Solved 1/13/11

GCQFNK Unknown Cache Chemistry

GC1P84Q Unknown Cache CHESS
  4,065 miles from home In Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Solved 2/12/2011 as part of Master of Mystery #1

GC2EEWM Unknown Cache Classic Board Games - Battleship
  294 miles from home in Sterling Hts, MI.
D=4 stars
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