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Solid-Rock-Seekers' Cache Milestones (shared, public)

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These are the "milestone" caches for the Solid-Rock-Seekers.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCG328 Traditional Cache # 1 - Moore's Falls (NH)
  26 December 2003 - Our First Cache Find! Also the first cache for my sister, PhunStash. Plus, we found our first Travel Bug, Mr. Happy Book.  

GCG380 Traditional Cache # 2 - Big Bear (NH)
  23 April 2004 - Our First Cache Find with All Five Solid Rock Seekers (and our Second Cache overall.)  

GCH4ZT Unknown Cache # 5 - O&L Travel Bug Truckstop (VT)
  2 May 2004 - Our first "Travel Bug Hotel".  

GCGFCK Traditional Cache # 10 - Cassidy's Cache (NH)
  7 May 2004 - Cache Find #10!  

GCH4Y0 Traditional Cache # 25 - Hutchington Hill (NH)
  21 May 2004 - An awesome caching experience -- wonder after wonder kept turning up on this trip!  

GCH4PY Traditional Cache # 50 - Grand Falls Cache (ME)
  29 May 2004 - A fun cache with raging rapids. It's hard to believe we went from cache #25 to cache #50 in just 8 days!  

GC566B Locationless (Reverse) Cache # 100 - Sacred Structures (NH)
  20 June 2004 - Our 100th cache - less than one month after we reached #50!  

GCA37B Traditional Cache # 200 - Yellow River Cache (WI)
  1 Aug 2004 - Our 200th cache was a routine "park and grab" but with my Dad near his home in Wisconsin!  

GCGA1B Traditional Cache # 250 - Twinmaples TOKEN cache (NH)
  21 August 2004 - Cache #250 - continuing our "cache a day" streak, making a "dash for a Yellow Jeep", and meeting other geocachers on the trail - this cache typified our Summer of 2004! (And yes, after taking almost 7 months for our first 100 caches, we managed the next 150 in only 2 months!)  

GCB688 Multi-cache # 300 - You Sank My Battleship! (ME)
  3 Oct 2004 - This great tour of Bangor, Maine, was one of our most enjoyable cache experiences. We worked on this multiple nights with many of our nieces, nephews, and cousins, and had an absolute blast. Highly recommended for fun night caching in the city.  

GCJE2D Traditional Cache # 400 - Name That Plant (NH)
  17 May 2005 - We met up with Mosaica and the Gang of Groovy Girls for cache #400 -- an all-girl adventure! We also brought eight of the New England Capture the Flag travel bugs on the adventure!  

GCPQNY Traditional Cache # 500 - Milford Memory Box (NH)
  21 July 2005 - We couldn't resist heading out for this brand new Milford cache when it first came up in order to get a possible First-To-Find, even though we had a different plan in mind for our 500th cache. Fortunately, we were sufficiently speedy to have this cache also be our 18th FTF! Plus, as an added bonus, we just found out that we may end up receiving press coverage in the Milford Cabinet as a result of this cache - oh my!  

GCP9M9 Multi-cache # 600 - Fort Cache (ME)
  28 August 2005 - Our whole family had fun together on vacation in Maine, racing to see who would be the one to "make the find" for our 600th!  

GC3334 Virtual Cache # 700 - Animal Kingdom (FL)
  2 Oct 2005 - A trip to Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom was a great spot for our 700th cache!  

GCABF3 Locationless (Reverse) Cache # 800 - Christmas Box Angel (CT)
  17 December 2005 - Our 800th find is in memory of our eldest daughter, Grace Eden, who was stillborn on May 12, 2000.  

GCT5F3 Multi-cache # 900 - Highland Goffes Falls (NH)
  1 February 2006 - This cache was the second time we've been able to get an FTF for one of our milestone caches!  

GCQ7YK Earthcache #1000 - Tidal Falls Sullivan Earthcache (ME)
  9 August 2006 - Our 1000th cache! We found this cache on the Littlest Seeker's 5th birthday at a long-time favorite spot of the entire Solid-Rock-Seekers' family!  

GCTJFK Multi-cache #1100 - MrGolf's Tour Cache (NH)
  23 September 2006 - This long multi took us quite a while to complete -- since the waypoints were each caches in their own right, we ended up revisiting 4 of 6 caches that we had found before the hint for this one was added!  

GCTXHN Traditional Cache #1200 - O One Colorado, wherefore art thou geocache? (CA)
  8 October 2006 - We tallied up a lot of finds in just a couple evenings while in California!  

GCZKJZ Event Cache #1300 - 'Tis The Season Shopping--Coffee Break (NH) (12/16/2006)
  16 December 2006 - We've never before logged one of our milestone caches at an event; we figured it was about time for us to do so! We had a great time chatting with everybody else that came to this one -- definitely a fun evening out!  
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