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Kid-Friendly Caches near Playgrounds (shared, public)

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This is a list of caches we either hid or found that can be enjoyed with young children that also happen to be near playgrounds. They are all in a portion of the NY City area (the Bronx, northern Manhattan and Westchester/Fairfield Counties) as almost all of our finds are here.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1PVGW Traditional Cache 19th Hole-Par 12

GC136R8 Multi-cache A Diamond in the Rough (Seton Falls)
  One of two multis in this incredible nature preserve for where it is. Playground is not directly on path to both stages of multi, but is at the other end of the park near the waterfall mentioned in the cache listing.  

GC14HYQ Traditional Cache Cluck Cluck
  Well, the playground is not really "near" this cache, but it's near one of the parking lots and is a really nice one. But the cache itself is a nice short walk for the kids, so combining the two it's on the list.  

GCPDBX Multi-cache CT Solar System: Sol
  First multi on our list. Playground is near stage 1. Stage two is probably going to be the biggest cache you've ever gone for (with lots of swag for the kiddies).  

GC5T4AW Multi-cache Democracy in America
  Stage 1 takes you to a great 9/11 memorial and the final is near an interesting exhibit about the Hudson River  

GC1PVGZ Traditional Cache Dog Bait

GC23D39 Traditional Cache Everyone is FTF in Nannahagen
  One of two caches in this nice park.  

GC4R5TM Traditional Cache Eye See You

GCRNME Traditional Cache Hudson's Hide
  Approaching from Saxon Woods Road and driving to the playground after is MUCH shorter, though the bridge at that trailhead is currently broken so use caution crossing the stream with small children (but it's not hard). The level 3 terrain rating probably reflects the last 50 ft. and is grossly overrated (our son found this when he was 6).  

GC2585K Traditional Cache Indigo Tribe
  Playground is the same one mentioned in the White Lantern Corps bookmark. A little farther away to this one from the playground. Playground has a sprinkler to cool off during the summer months.  

GC63GD4 Multi-cache Maple Wood Park Multi

GC2Z4J1 Traditional Cache Micro Park--Long Island Mews

GC2R7KM Traditional Cache OCATT - HALIJUSAPA
  Well, to be honest, we obviously had to bookmark this one . I do have to say be really careful with small kids on this one and also note that the playground is not really near the cache but is in the same park.  

GC16RPF Traditional Cache Out of the woods - 2a (The next generation)
  Public swimming pool nearby (county park pass required). Nearby playground (free and open to all) is called Andy's Place and is quite unique, it was designed so that handicapped children could enjoy most of the area. Also mini golf nearby.  

GC1G6VH Multi-cache Rattlesnake Creek in Seton Falls Park
  One of two multis in this incredible (for where it is) nature preserve. Playground is at the other end of the park near the waterfall near part 1 of the multi.  

GC1PVGK Traditional Cache Ridge Park Rocks
  A bit of a rough hike for small kids but very doable and closest of the many caches in this park to the playground.  

GCPTC9 Multi-cache Ridge View
  To get to the small playground, walk from the picnic area toward the pool paralleling the parking lot. Terrain for this cache is "borderline" for small children but they should be OK, just be a little careful. County park pass required for pool but not the park, but better to do in the cooler months when no "pool muggles" around.  

GC88Z7E Virtual Cache River Crossing

GCC83 Traditional Cache Saxon Woods Cache
  Note that the trail head near the playground is about 1/2 mile from the cache "as the crow flies" and up to a 3/4 mile walk if you wish to stay "on trail" and minimize bushwacking. Some of the terrain is hilly/rocky, still "kid friendly" but could be difficult for very small children (like toddler age, our kids were 7 and 5 when we found it but we put off seeking it for a couple of years for this reason).  

GC12F8M Traditional Cache Snug as a Bug in Central Park
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