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AAND - Aluminium Alpha-Numeric Disc - based caches (shared, public)

List Owner: Simply Paul

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A list of caches hidden and/or findable using aka AANDs - Aluminium Alpha-Numeric Discs (formerly PuzTox, including Geolympix Puzzle Tokens). Doesn't have to include caches - such as Multis - where the AAND is attached to something in the wild.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC3RR7J Unknown Cache AAND - Rupert's Racing Cache

GC3X7H1 Unknown Cache AAND Are Micros Good or Evil?

GC4D2RK Unknown Cache AAND it’s a nice walk from Gaddesden Row
  By and with thanks to Wizzardprang  

GC3T4CB Unknown Cache AAND Its all about the numbers part 2

GC3TEGH Unknown Cache AAND Its all about the numbers Part 3

GC3TCW2 Unknown Cache AAND Its all about the numbers part 4

GC3RC7Q Unknown Cache AAND It's all about the numbers!

GC4XTHZ Unknown Cache AAND It's Good Night From Him Sociable Challenge
  Near Steeple Claydon, north Bucks  

GC41FVG Unknown Cache AAND: Long Time Comin' - Geolympix legacy
  Set in 2012 - then forgotten about. Sorry.  

GC3E0JB Unknown Cache Alternative Universe (Geolympix PuzTox FTFrenzy 6)

GC3T4YM Multi-cache Bernie's Multi AAND

GC3TCDD Unknown Cache Bernie's Multi Bonus AAND

GC36C7X Unknown Cache Camera Viewfinder (Geolympix PuzTox FTFrenzy 8)

GC4NJWE Unknown Cache FFTF aand Born To Cache!
  Why did change from 'Find any cache with 'x' in the name' to 'Find a cache which starts with 'x'' in its search box? Step backwards, I'd say :(  

GC54558 Multi-cache Green Lane #8 - AAND it's Reincarnated
  Looks fun!  

GC4BT2H Unknown Cache Halfway Down (by AAnd Milne)
  Another Team Hippo AAND cache.  

GC3WJJ3 Unknown Cache In Search of Answers! Geolympix legacy AAND

GC36E5G Unknown Cache Liz Taylor Drank Here: Geolympix FTFrenzy 5 PuzTox

GC41FTR Unknown Cache Lost In The System - Red Geolympix AAND

GC3MDE2 Unknown Cache MKBW : Red 20 - AAND Roulette
  A cache in the Milton Keynes Boundary Walk series  
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