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A US State High Point Geocache List (shared, public)

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USA STATE HIGH POINT CACHES - NEWLY!! UPDATED and AMENDED as of 6-10-22!! Two additions with newest HP cache a virtual on Mt Arvin! (I keep archived caches I’ve found on this list.) Some have caches right on the summit or nearby while some do not. I've listed caches closest to the summit for those that do not have a summit cache and have marked these with “**”. Some even have two or more caches on top! Kansas continues to have the most with 4! I have also noted the type of approach involved in getting to the SUMMIT of each state's HP with the mileage. I try to keep this up to date at least annually. If you note corrections or changes though please e-mail me! Further information about US State Highpoints can be found at: (visit link)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCYEVR Multi-cache ALABAMA -ASSIGNMENT: Fire Tower -- Cheaha Mountain
  Drive Up
Found 10-18-16

GC25M9T Earthcache ALABAMA -Mount Cheaha Earthcache
  Drive Up
Found 10-18-16

GC4C79N Earthcache ALASKA -Big Denali
  ALASKA - A Real Summit Cache for Denali!
Class 4 Strenuous and Technical 32-40 miles
State HP -USA HP - North American HP i.e. One of "7 Summits"
(Did flyover sightseeing tour of summit 2003 - closest I think I'll get!)

GC4272 Virtual Cache ARIZONA -High in Arizona
  Humphreys Peak
Class 1 Strenuous/ 9 miles

GC5FN7H Earthcache ARKANSAS- Highest Point In Arkansas
  Class 1 Easy/0.5 mile  

GCH3FN Traditional Cache ARKANSAS -Signal Hill
  Class 1 Easy/0.5 mile  

GC3RQEW Earthcache CALIFORNIA - Sierra Nevada Mountain Range Geomorphology
  A third geocache on the summit of Mt Whitney!  

GC151D Virtual Cache CALIFORNIA -Muir Was Here - in '73
  Class 1 Strenuous/21 miles RT
Highest Point in Lower 48
Found on 5 day backpacking trip up Mt Whitney September 19, 2002
Actually slept out on TOP of the highest point in the lower 48!

GC75C3 Traditional Cache CALIFORNIA -Peak-A-Boo: Mt. Whitney
  Class 1 Strenuous/21 miles  

GC8AP6N Earthcache COLORADO -From the Basement to the Roof
  Class 1 Strenuous 9 mile RT Hike
New 2019 EC at Summit

GC141NQ Traditional Cache COLORADO -The Highest Cache in Colorado
  Class 1 Strenuous/9 miles
Second Highest Point in the Lower 48
Found 8-17-11 on day hike with my daughter

GCPJE0 Multi-cache CONNECTICUT -The Top of Connecticut
  Class 1 Moderate/2.4 miles (FYI - Geographical interest point - Tri state area of CT-MA-NY also has a cache - 0.2 miles west of here) FOUND 6-5-22 Did 6.5 Mile Loop Hike going west over Mt Frissell from Mt. Washington Road TH and including Brace Mountain along the way - nice loop to consider.  

GC31ETY Traditional Cache DELAWARE -Top of the... Delaware.?.?
  Drive Up - Entrance to a neighborhood actually!
Found 9-9-12

GC6RDF7 Multi-cache DELAWARE- FSC-2016 Ebright Summit
  Drive in neighborhood!  

GC4BF1C Earthcache FLORIDA Florida's Highest Point
  Drive Up -Distinction of being the "Lowest of all US State Highpoints"!
Found 10-18-16

GC7199 Virtual Cache FLORIDA -It's All Downhill From Here...
  Drive Up -Distinction of being the "Lowest of all US State Highpoints"!
Found 10-18-16

GC17WXM Earthcache GEORGIA -Brasstown Bald Earthcache
  Class 1/1 mile or you can take a shuttle to the top from the parking lot
Found 5-17-19

GC3D6D Webcam Cache HAWAII - Pahupa'iki'i Maka
  Class 1/Negligible after Drive Up 4 Wheel Vehicle  

GC2Y6MA Earthcache HAWAII -Mauna Kea - The Land of Fire and Ice
  Class 1/Negligible after Drive Up 4 Wheel Vehicle

Went up Mauna Kea to watch the sunset and see the telescopes in May 2005, before I started geocaching. Was only a few dozen feet below the actual summit!


GCGXKW Traditional Cache IDAHO -Borah Peak
  Class 3 Strenuous/6 miles  
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