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Arkhan's Favourite Caches (shared, public)

List Owner: Arkhan

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This list consists of some of my all-time (meaning incl. archived) favourite caches in alphabetical order.
This list is by no means complete. I did many other very good caches. This is just a selection of those that really 'stuck' to me. :)
Appreciation is based upon the date found. It's impossible for me to know how a cache will have changed by the time *you* do it. :-)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCQVET Multi-cache "Den Tris" van Zolder
  This very pleasant hike takes you to and past the remainders of a former coal mine. Great views !  

GC5379 Locationless (Reverse) Cache "Timing" is Everything
  A clever Locationless Cache. Fun to try and get right.  

GC3TCMW Multi-cache #13 Pasydonia: The nation
  An inventive Multi cache in the Pasydonia series which in itself is a recommended walk.  

GC6GFPP Unknown Cache #20 Poldercache
  The Final Cache of a great series through a wonderful natural area. 20 kilometres in distance and with several 'spicy' and difficult caches means this is a trip you don't just start out on. If you're on foot, count on spending many hours before you get hold of this one. :-)  

GC42C6C Unknown Cache #21 Pasydonia: Crown Jewels Bonus
  Literally the crown on a superb series. Great hike, great environment !  

GCW3PQ Traditional Cache (motor) biking in Styria (5) Sölkpass
  This cache is located in a truly spectacular mountain pass, which while maybe not as famous as some other ones, for me definitely is one of the nicest in Austria.  

GC2CXC8 Multi-cache [GLE10] Lambiorix
  Very pleasant and nicely themed Multi cache whose only drawback is that it's too short. You'll want more at the end. :-)  

GC4K60X Multi-cache [GLE13] Nacht van Ninox
  Not too long in distance, this night cache still offers you a challenge as in time it can take quite a while. It's never very difficult but always fun to try and complete.  

GC2P9EN Multi-cache 1 sommet pour 3 Fagnes
  A very nice hike through the High Fens National Park, visiting three fens.  

GCV7XD Unknown Cache 1664 ECETERA
  Nice walk through the picturesque town of Obernai.  

GC4QANX Multi-cache 1e Slag bij Ypres : Hill 60
  Another 'must go' World War I site. This is the place the movie 'Beneath Hill 60' is all about.  

GC3R5Q8 Unknown Cache 2 €uro Munten "BONUS"
  Splendid cache series. The land is flat here but very beautiful.  

GC1H029 Multi-cache 5Fingers - Krippenstein
  Very nice cache on the Krippenstein mountain. Spectacular viewpoint !  

GCKZ05 Multi-cache 8 Zaligheden: Reusel
  A cache with many varied waypoints in a really nice piece of nature.  

GCK9C6 Multi-cache 8 Zaligheden: Steensel (revised)
  A very pleasant cache taking one through a varied landscape. It's more like a variation of Geocaching but nevertheless very enjoyable.  

GCP4JY Unknown Cache A Quest(ion) of Time
  A challenging task at home but *if* you manage to find everything, you can go for a grand finale ! This is Indiana Jones at its purest in Belgium. A fantastic cache which comes highly recommended. Not for the unfit, though ! ;-)  

GCJ0DM Unknown Cache A Tribute to Poe
  A great puzzle cache. It combines all sorts of difficulties : a nice puzzle to crack at home, information to search for along the way, waypoint projection, and a well-hidden cache to finalise.  

GCWMJ4 Multi-cache Abannet - GCB Event 2006
  A very nice and quiet hike taking you through a nice environment.  

GCPNG3 Traditional Cache Adlerbogen
  A short but steep hike brings you to the magnificent viewpoint near the Adlerbogen (Eagle's Arch), a sight to behold.  

GC2586K Multi-cache Alberich der Zwergenkönig
  A truly amazing, immersive cache with the most amazing waypoints you've ever seen. Mindblowing in all respects. Easily worth driving 500 miles for.  
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