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Arkhan's Favourite Caches (shared, public)

List Owner: Arkhan

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This list consists of some of my all-time (meaning incl. archived) favourite caches in alphabetical order.
This list is by no means complete. I did many other very good caches. This is just a selection of those that really 'stuck' to me. :)
Appreciation is based upon the date found. It's impossible for me to know how a cache will have changed by the time *you* do it. :-)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC890VA Virtual Cache 👻 In het spoor van het zwarte goud
  Short but interesting walk across the former coal mine site of Beringen.  

GCQVET Multi-cache "Den Tris" van Zolder
  This very pleasant hike takes you to and past the remainders of a former coal mine. Great views !  

GC5379 Locationless (Reverse) Cache "Timing" is Everything
  A clever Locationless Cache. Fun to try and get right.  

GC3TCMW Multi-cache #13 Pasydonia: The nation
  An inventive Multi cache in the Pasydonia series which in itself is a recommended walk.  

GC8WC9G Multi-cache #14 Mimu in TB
  The way this cache is hidden, managed to pleasantly surprise me still after nearly 6,000 caches done. On top of that is it located in a beautiful spot.  

GC8QYJD Unknown Cache #16'Munsters Mini Multi's BONUS
  A really pleasant to do series of short Multi caches, together forming an impressive 12 kilometre loop.  

GC6GFPP Unknown Cache #20 Poldercache
  The Final Cache of a great series through a wonderful natural area. 20 kilometres in distance and with several 'spicy' and difficult caches means this is a trip you don't just start out on. If you're on foot, count on spending many hours before you get hold of this one. :-)  

GC42C6C Unknown Cache #21 Pasydonia: Crown Jewels Bonus
  Literally the crown on a superb series. Great hike, great environment !  

GC6KKJM Multi-cache #3 Landloperswandeling
  This cache brings you to a very special place, a cemetery where vagrants were buried. The location is beautiful and peaceful.  

GC94FW8 Unknown Cache #BONUS Jommeke
  Very pleasant tour. Pity the end cache isn't much Jommeke themed...  

GCW3PQ Traditional Cache (motor) biking in Styria (5) Sölkpass
  This cache is located in a truly spectacular mountain pass, which while maybe not as famous as some other ones, for me definitely is one of the nicest in Austria.  

GC2CXC8 Multi-cache [GLE10] Lambiorix
  Very pleasant and nicely themed Multi cache whose only drawback is that it's too short. You'll want more at the end. :-)  

GC4K60X Multi-cache [GLE13] Nacht van Ninox
  Not too long in distance, this night cache still offers you a challenge as in time it can take quite a while. It's never very difficult but always fun to try and complete.  

GC5HMRQ Multi-cache [TdW] N.36 Vresse-sur-Semois : Laforêt
  This cache combines history, views and old wives tales and makes for a pleasant couple of hours.  

GC84T9N Traditional Cache [TM]A004- Trail de Maredsous
  You can still imagine the steam trains passing over the bridge and into the tunnel. The cache is nicely hidden.  

GC869NK Multi-cache [TM]A005 - Trail de Maredsous
  Cache hidden in an old railway tunnel. Very accessible but nice.  

GC86EXG Unknown Cache [TM]A096- Trail de Maredsous - Bonus Balade A
  A really lovely hiking tour in and around Maredsous. Brings you to some lovely spots and all caches are well-placed, but without being difficult.  

GC869PE Unknown Cache [TM]A100- Trail de Maredsous - Bonus du Trail
  To get this out of the way : I'm not a 'points person', nor do I like typical caching trails. But this one is so different. Its three loops are awesome hikes and the many caches are almost always differently hidden. If you manage to find this 'super' Bonus, you'll have a memorable caching experience behind you.  

GC89NGV Multi-cache [TM]B016- Trail de Maredsous
  Starts near an old railroad track and brings you to the cache past a really nice viewpoint.  

GC85EP3 Traditional Cache [TM]B030- Trail de Maredsous
  Tree climb cache for those who don't really like 'real' tree climbing caches. ;-)  
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