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Arkhan's Favourite Caches (shared, public)

List Owner: Arkhan

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This list consists of some of my all-time (meaning incl. archived) favourite caches in alphabetical order.
This list is by no means complete. I did many other very good caches. This is just a selection of those that really 'stuck' to me. :)
Appreciation is based upon the date found. It's impossible for me to know how a cache will have changed by the time *you* do it. :-)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC891MW Virtual Cache Château de Franchimont - Virtual Reward 2.0
  The cache itself is extremely straightforward but it does bring you to some great castle ruins, worth visiting.  

GC7N1TN Traditional Cache 🎬 Eulenköpfchen 📸
  A really find viewpoint, high above the Mosel river and with the ruins of Stuben Monastery in the background.  

GC890VA Virtual Cache 👻 In het spoor van het zwarte goud
  Short but interesting walk across the former coal mine site of Beringen.  

GC5HHHC Traditional Cache 🎬 Nickys Rundblick 📸 (15-51 Moselsteig)
  Nice viewpoint high up a hill, overlooking the Mosel river and its surroundings.  

GC5EEYG Multi-cache "[†]" Kudamatsu´'s Nightmare [UV/NC]
  Nicely-themed Halloween cache. Especially the second half is great ! Recommended with younger children too.  

GCQVET Multi-cache "Den Tris" van Zolder
  This very pleasant hike takes you to and past the remainders of a former coal mine. Great views !  

GC5379 Locationless (Reverse) Cache "Timing" is Everything
  A clever Locationless Cache. Fun to try and get right.  

GC2VHEV Traditional Cache #08 NUTS ! : Recogne German War Cemetery
  Impressive German war cemetery. Make sure you visit the shrine in the building near the entrance.  

GC3TCMW Multi-cache #13 Pasydonia: The nation
  An inventive Multi cache in the Pasydonia series which in itself is a recommended walk.  

GC93HAW Unknown Cache #14 Den Bolkse Hamer
  Time to do some monkey tricks. ;-)  

GC8WC9G Multi-cache #14 Mimu in TB
  The way this cache is hidden, managed to pleasantly surprise me still after nearly 6,000 caches done. On top of that is it located in a beautiful spot.  

GC8QYJD Unknown Cache #16'Munsters Mini Multi's BONUS
  A really pleasant to do series of short Multi caches, together forming an impressive 12 kilometre loop.  

GC9VV97 Traditional Cache #17 Radartoren
  This radar tower offers really great views of the surrounding area from its top.  

GC6GFPP Unknown Cache #20 Poldercache
  The Final Cache of a great series through a wonderful natural area. 20 kilometres in distance and with several 'spicy' and difficult caches means this is a trip you don't just start out on. If you're on foot, count on spending many hours before you get hold of this one. :-)  

GC8EHQX Unknown Cache #20 Spelenderwijs BONUS
  This one will especially appeal to children but parents will love it too. ;-)  

GC42C6C Unknown Cache #21 Pasydonia: Crown Jewels Bonus
  Literally the crown on a superb series. Great hike, great environment !  

GC6KKJM Multi-cache #3 Landloperswandeling
  This cache brings you to a very special place, a cemetery where vagrants were buried. The location is beautiful and peaceful.  

GC93J0Q Unknown Cache #35 "Bonus" Den Bolkse Hamer
  Nice tour with many well-executed caches. Not a pick-up-and-go kind of series. This one takes time !  

GC93H8E Unknown Cache #9 Den Bolkse Hamer
  Can be a bit difficult to start with if you're all by yourself, but in any case it's a really nicely designed cache.  

GC94FW8 Unknown Cache #BONUS Jommeke
  Very pleasant tour. Pity the end cache isn't much Jommeke themed...  
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