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North Island Archived Caches Pt 2 (shared, public)

List Owner: Mrs Crew 153

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A List of New Zealand North Island caches which have passed into history.
The full list is over 1000 caches and will be in a number of Bookmark lists.

Access my homepage to access all the lists.

I will be updating the lists from my GSAK database about once per month.
Please let me know of any caches which are not on the lists.

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1KA8K Traditional Cache A Rose By Any Other Name-revisited (Auckland)

GC209VH Traditional Cache Butler Rd redone in the Traditional way.

GC1XJAN Traditional Cache Launch Out!

GC23EQN Unknown Cache Makes and Models (Waikato)

GC28GRB Traditional Cache Nano Corner- one to remember. (Auckland)

GC1K504 Traditional Cache Ngataringa bay (Auckland)

GC227CV Unknown Cache OMG! TMTOWTDI? (Waikato)

GC27Q2J Traditional Cache The 39 Steps--the book, now in reality!

GC2AEV5 Traditional Cache Top of the Bays (Auckland)

GC103A2 Multi-cache Tote A Ra Res. (Auckland)

GC1JJRA Traditional Cache Y Marie, its another-- cache! (Auckland)

GC1EBBD Unknown Cache "Armada Invencible" (Wellington)

GC13EE2 Multi-cache "BASIL"!----A Fawlty Cache? (Auckland)

GC1917C Traditional Cache "Once I Built a Railroad" (Northland)

GC22EWZ Traditional Cache "Open Sesame - revisited" (Auckland)

GC35D1F Event Cache "Why Not an Event cache" (Waikato) (11/27/2011)

GC207J6 Traditional Cache "Wine" Not (Auckland)

GC1RPDH Traditional Cache #177@161M@10,000V (Auckland)

GC12EQ4 Multi-cache & Dotting The I's cache (Auckland)

GCNRFA Traditional Cache 05.05.05 (Auckland)
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