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Caches I Hope 2 Do Sumday (shared, public)

List Owner: PaHawkeye

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC2N75E Traditional Cache #01 Scooby's Streak By Bushkill Creek
  25+ caches along a trail ending near Nazareth  

GC7HVFF Traditional Cache #6 Mt. Olive P&G

GC30 Traditional Cache 05(1)-Mingo
  Oldest active cache in the US; hidden 5/11/00  

GC12 Traditional Cache 05(2)-GC12 5/12/2000
  Second oldest active cache in the US; hidden 5/12/00  

GC28 Traditional Cache 05(3)-Beverly
  Third oldest active cache in the US; hidden 5/13/00  

GC39 Traditional Cache 05(4)-The Spot
  Fourth oldest active cache in the US; hidden 5/26/00  

GC31 Traditional Cache 05(5)-Arikaree
  Fifth oldest active cache in the US; hidden 5/31/00  

GC1D Traditional Cache 06(6)-Beaver Cache
  Sixth oldest active cache in the US; hidden 6/3/00  

GC1B Traditional Cache 06-(AR)Gorilla Stash
  oldest cache in Arkansas hidden 6/27/00  

GCD Traditional Cache 06-(WA)Geocache
  hidden 6/21/00  

GC184 Traditional Cache 09-(PA)State Game Lands #109
  First PA cache; hidden 09/21/2000  

GC93 Traditional Cache 10-(IN)Indiana's First
  oldest in IN, hidden 10-23-00  

GCC8 Traditional Cache 11-(NJ)gerbiL cacHe
  oldest in NJ 11-25-2000  

GCAE Traditional Cache 11-(NY)Sleepy Hollow-1
  hidden 11/12/2000  

GCFF Traditional Cache 12-(PA)Stone Wall Stash
  2nd oldest in PA 12/27/00  

GC175 Traditional Cache 12-(VA)Burke Lake Park
  oldest in VA, hidden 12/17/00  

  edge of New Jersey  

GC2VXM7 Traditional Cache America's 1st Fore

GCZY8J Multi-cache ANDY'S House
  Reading run
N40 23.260 W075 56.568

GCDECD Webcam Cache Antarctic Views
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