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Caches that involve Trolls (shared, public)

List Owner: Repsov

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Trolls, so I am reliably informed live under bridges.
These are caches that I've visited that involve bridges in some shape or form.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC4CEET Traditional Cache 1. All Things Bright and Beautiful
  Not Trolls but Jaws!  

GC28X2N Traditional Cache A Bridge 'not' too far
  I think any troll would have been washed away from this one.
A simple and easy find.

GCPC42 Multi-cache A Fruitful Experience
  When Trolls are involved what more is thre to say?  

GC4292T Traditional Cache A SAGGY PAIR
  Guess where it is? Correct!  

GC45MT5 Traditional Cache Bridge over untroubled water
  My first overseas Troll cache.  

GC2TERY Traditional Cache Clamour Bridge
  Yep another bridge.  

GC450EE Traditional Cache Clyst Bridge
  On the bridge rather than under it.  

GC5PAHA Unknown Cache Easier than Pi....
  I've been here before.
No Trolls then and no Troll snow.
Perhaps they're eating Pi.
River running high to day.

GC4VPMQ Traditional Cache Exe Estuary Trail New Bridge
  Another cache on the bridge rather than under it.
But hey Ho it's my list.

GC12H14 Traditional Cache Gone But Not Forgotten 2 Littleham
  Whilst the cache is effectively on the top of this bridge,
It's still a bridge, so therefore qualifies.
Not sure what Troll would make of trains.

GC553CF Traditional Cache Hanging Lower off the Line
  Not sure if you'd find Trolls here.
But this is one of the biggest single span railway bridges in East Devon.
The cache is on top rather than underneath.
It would make a great 5/5 if you somehow had to abseil to retrieve the cache.

GC5XA0C Traditional Cache Hidden Gems - River Coly 4: Flash's Rescue
  Yep it's under the bridge. Easy to locate . But on which side of the river?  

GC5VXWZ Traditional Cache Little Bridge #554 Otter View
  Easy to find if you know what to look for.
No Trolls present.

GC932YP Traditional Cache Little Bridge# 2098 by the brook

GC6VQJ3 Traditional Cache Little Bridges # 1058 Long Park, Sidmouth.
  Not under, but still a bridge.
Cunning and devious but obvious when you find it.

GC5PY2F Traditional Cache Little Bridges # 481. Sid Park Road , Sidmouth.
  Cunning, devious and just nasty. Oh and that's just what I've come to expect of the CO.
A chance meeting with another cacher put me in the right direction.
Even then I struggled to find this .
Who says small or micro caches have to be boring?
What a fantastic hide.
Well worth a Fav point.
Visited by RBJ TB The only true Bear.

GC68CQY Traditional Cache Little Bridges # 769 Motor way Mayhem.
  No Trolls and no armed police.
This one looks like you're planting a bomb under the bridge.
Not good.

GC52DD8 Traditional Cache Little Bridges #243 Heaven or Hell
  A cunning hide. In a big retail park.  

GC352EC Traditional Cache Little Bridges#72-Parramble 71
  It's a bridge. But I don't think you'd get under this one.  

GC3C3MV Traditional Cache Littlest kitten is 8!
  No Trolls here today.  
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