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The Harry Potter series of caches is in Manitowoc Wisconsin. This is a green series in that many of the caches are clumped in the same parks, thus limiting driving and gas consumption. The hides as a group are hugely varied and some are quite challenging indeed. J.K. didn't pander to kids with easy vocabulary, so we didn't pander to them with all easy grabs.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC3643A Unknown Cache Aragog's Revenge - Night Cache!

GC24GNF Traditional Cache Arthur & Molly Weasley

GC269N8 Traditional Cache Boggarts

GC24GPM Traditional Cache Buckbeak

GC2BKNX Traditional Cache Crabbe & Goyle v2.0

GC269MK Traditional Cache Crookshanks

GC24GPT Traditional Cache Dementors

GC24GNM Traditional Cache Dobby

GC24GPH Traditional Cache Draco Malfoy

GC24GN8 Traditional Cache Dumbledore

GC24GQ6 Traditional Cache Fang

GC24GPK Traditional Cache Fluffy

GC24GNQ Traditional Cache Fred & George Weasley

GC24GPB Traditional Cache Ginny Weasley

GC3P7KZ Traditional Cache Ginny Weasley v2.0

GC269MT Multi-cache Goblins

GC269NQ Traditional Cache Godric Gryffindor

GC24GMZ Traditional Cache Harry James Potter

GC269N6 Traditional Cache Hedwig

GC24GN5 Traditional Cache Hermione Jean Granger
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