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Unit 237 (shared, public)

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237 (CER) Cerna kronika. Katastrofy dopravni, prumyslove, prirodni, vselijaka nestesti, mista kriminalnich cinu.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1R1GJ Traditional Cache (VK-95) Velka voda 1997: Vysoka

GC1R1GR Traditional Cache (VK-96) Velka voda 1997: Siroka

GC1R1H3 Traditional Cache (VK-97) Velka voda 1997: Drava

GC1R1H7 Traditional Cache (VK-98) Velka voda 1997: Smrtici

GC1R1HK Unknown Cache (VK-99) Velka voda 1997: Bonusova

GC43MRF Traditional Cache [iz3jio] Crash
  (as the listing unfortunately says almost nothing about the event, we have to add more infos at least here): On November 8, 2007, a US UH-60 ("Black Hawk") helicopter heading for its home Aviano Air Base suffered loss of yaw control and crashed near Santa Lucia di Piave, killing 6 of 11 servicemen aboard, incl. both pilots. The mechanical failure resulted from poor maintenance by DynaCorp, a subcontracor for US forces. The company six years later settled the lawsuit with relatives for an undisclosed (but high) amount. A memorial of the accident was revealed already at its first anniversary, in 2008.  

GC4R47M Multi-cache 100-rocna voda
  Krupinica flash flood in Krupina, 1999.  

GC1VRCC Traditional Cache 30. Oktober 1972
  Head-on collision of two passenger trains ("Karola" Express from Leipzig to Karlovy Vary and D-273 limited stop train from Aue to Berlin) near station of Schweinsburg-Culten (Saxony) on October 30, 1972 resulted in 28 fatalities. The fault was at driver of the express train, who had passed an unscheduled stop signal, probably due to fatigue from previous night.  

GC7VNT3 Traditional Cache 68/1 Havárie sovětského vrtulníku MI-4

GC7VNGT Traditional Cache 68/2 Pomník obětem mimořádné události

GC3TXK5 Traditional Cache 70 su 69: Disastro aereo a Olgiate Olona

GC481MA Traditional Cache A Memorial for a killed KFOR-Soldier

GC10KYM Traditional Cache AN-24

GC1TV23 Multi-cache Anezka Hruzova - Hilsneriada

GC4PWC8 Unknown Cache Anna Tambor

GC3Y5WK Traditional Cache Ansbacher Zugunglück

GC4BKQA Traditional Cache Anton Fuchs Denkmal

GC2PYRB Traditional Cache Antonin Vales
  Crash site of a Avia BH-21 fighter plane of Czechoslovak Air Force, December 16, 1926. An in-flight rupture of fuel tank and subsequent fire, which occured during a routine training flight, forced the pilot, sgt. Antonín Valeš (24, a native from Panenský Týnec in Louny District, nowadays Czech Republic), to descend rapididly from 700m altitude. In the fire and following crash landing sgt. Valeš suffered severe injuries and despite surgery performed died in a military hospital later that evening. The cause was attributed to a production fault in process of welding of dural, then a novelty technology.  

GC3BJMH Unknown Cache Bahnbetriebsunfall

GC1VBB6 Traditional Cache Biker Gedenkstätte
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