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Civil War Caches in Mississippi (shared, public)

List Owner: ic3scrap3r

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This is an incomplete list of cache sites in Mississippi that are related to the Civil War.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCGC34 Traditional Cache Another Old Hickory 2
  Jackson City Hall with an Old Hickory statue. The structure found nearby was spared General W. T. Sherman's torch 3 times.  

GCX0CK Traditional Cache Bear's Cache
  Not actually a Civil War cache, but as close as you can get to actually leaving a TB or coin in the Vicksburg Military Park.  

GCD939 Virtual Cache Chimneyville
  A virtual cache in Downtown Jackson. Due to the unsuitable sites available for the May 14, 1863 Battle of Jackson cache, the cache owner chose to establish a virtual cache within the city limits. In this building, the conquering Union troops held a mock session after the first burning of Jackson. Jackson would be conquered and burned two more times within the year, hench the nickname of chimneyville.  

GC29F9 Traditional Cache Confederate Cemetery Cache
  A mostly forgotten conferderate cemetray off of the Natchez Trace. (This is not a marked Natchez Trace historical site.)  

GCH1W3 Traditional Cache Ghost Soldiers
  A cemetery that is home to over 100 Civil War soldiers who died in the hospital during the Vicksburg campaign.  

GCDCA6 Traditional Cache Gilbraltar of the West

GCD6D4 Traditional Cache Gregg's Stand
  Raymond MS Civil War cache site.  

GC2HG1T Traditional Cache Grierson's Raid-Brandon
  Cache 1 of Grierson's Raid.  

GC2JAWV Traditional Cache Grierson's Raid-New Albany
  Part of a cache series covering Grierson's Raid. This is one of the most successful and daring calvary raids of the Civil War.  

GC2J4NF Traditional Cache Grierson's Raid-Ripley

GCF77C Traditional Cache Lost Confederate Grave
  This is an old forgotten cemetary just off the Natchez Trace in the woods. There may be 2 C.S.A. graves here. There definitly is one that was the cache owner's Great Great Grandfather. Many gravesites are only recognizable as depressions in the ground.  

GC18H3C Traditional Cache Marion CAS Cemetery

GCFC75 Traditional Cache Old Hickory (Version 2)

GCYMB1 Traditional Cache Quitman Confederate Cemetery
  A confederate cemetery near an old hospital site built so prisoners would get proper medical care.  

GCHE0A Traditional Cache Score One for Dixie!
  At this site, Confederate General John C. Pemberton ordered a fort to be constructed to block the enemy forces hold the city of Vicksburg.  

GCH32G Traditional Cache Soldier's Rest
  Confederate Civil War Cemetary  

GC100E4 Traditional Cache The Battle of Champion's Hill
  This is a neat Civil War site. A general was killed here and a house used by both sides is still standing.  

GCZV2X Multi-cache The Battle of Raymond
  This is a great multi-cache with alot of good information about the Battle of Raymond. Nice location.  

GCG107 Virtual Cache Vicksburg National Military Park
  If you are a Civil War buff you've heard of the Vicksburg Military Park. This is definitely worth a visit.  

GCZGZ8 Traditional Cache Vicksburg, under Siege
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