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Locationless vs Waymarking (shared, public)

List Owner: Dinoprophet

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Locationless (reverse) caches were a type of cache where instead of going to a specific location to find a specific thing, you instead searched the globe for instances of a specific type of thing. These caches were eventually closed. The site was created to replace the activity.

This bookmark list enumerates the locationless caches and provides any corresponding waymarking categories. It is a work-in-progress. I welcome input on what waymarking categories are appropriate.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC98DF Locationless (Reverse) Cache "Bridge" towns
  Towns with "bridge" in their names
Waymarking category: N/A

GCA8B7 Locationless (Reverse) Cache "Meridian" Markers
  Markers on the Greenwich Meridian
Waymarking category: Greenwich Meridian Markers (visit link)

GCBA38 Locationless (Reverse) Cache "Not Your Ordinary Birdhouse"
  Unique birdhouses
Waymarking category: Unique Bird Houses (visit link)

GC5379 Locationless (Reverse) Cache "Timing" is Everything
  Be at a location whose lat/lon matches the current time
Waymarking category: N/A

GC55E1 Locationless (Reverse) Cache "Waterloo" all over the world
  Towns named "Waterloo"
Waymarking category: N/A

GC540B Locationless (Reverse) Cache "Z" Welcome Signs
  Welcome signs for towns starting with 'Z'
Waymarking category: 'Z' Welcome Signs (visit link)

GC5601 Locationless (Reverse) Cache #51 Great Southern Land: (5) That's the Trig.
  Australian Trig stations
Waymarking category: Australian Trig Points (visit link)

GC68E1 Locationless (Reverse) Cache #58 Take a Punt
  Punts and Ferries
Waymarking category: Ferries and Ferry Landings (visit link)

GC1CB8 Locationless (Reverse) Cache * CANDLELIGHT VIGIL *
  One-time event, lighting a candle on September 14, 2001 as a vigil after the 9/11 attacks
Waymarking category: N/A

GC38D4 Locationless (Reverse) Cache >>FLITS<< aka Speed Trapped
  Locations where cachers have been ticketed for speeding
Waymarking category: N/A

GC4751 Locationless (Reverse) Cache 100,000 Mile Rest Stop
  Locations where cars reach 100,000 miles
Waymarking category: Record your vehicles odometer 10000's, 100000's and rollovers (visit link)
(This is technically not a category but a post in the Photo Goal category. Submitters must post a visit on this waymark rather than posting a waymark to a category).

GC5525 Locationless (Reverse) Cache 3 Steps Around the World
  Visit any three locations and logically connect them in your log
Waymarking category: N/A

GC4B3F Locationless (Reverse) Cache 54 Colorado Fourteeners
  Summit one of the 54 peaks in Colorado over 14K feet.
Waymarking category: Mountain Summits (not Colorado-specific) (visit link)

GC4910 Locationless (Reverse) Cache A BEACON IN THE NIGHT
Waymarking category: Coastal Lighthouses (visit link)

GC202B Locationless (Reverse) Cache A Cache of Palindromes
  Locations where the lat/lon coordinates read the same forward and backward
Waymarking category: Coordinate Palindromes (visit link)

GC789C Locationless (Reverse) Cache A Googie View
  Googie architecture
Waymarking category: Googie Architecture (visit link)

GCA652 Locationless (Reverse) Cache a HO lotta fun!
  Publicly displayed scale model trains (HO, N, G or O)
Waymarking category: Model Railroads (visit link)

GC338E Locationless (Reverse) Cache A Pair of Quintuplets (Multi-Location Virtual)
  Locations where the latitude and longitude minutes each contains all one digit.
e.g. N41° 33’ 33.3” W101° 22’ 22.2”

Waymarking category: N/A

GCB1BB Locationless (Reverse) Cache A Picture Says a Thousand Words
  Pictographs (hieroglyphs, petroglyphs)
Waymarking category: Pictographs (visit link)

GC4653 Locationless (Reverse) Cache A Product of Parts
  Visit coordinates that fit a particular mathematical formula
Waymarking category: N/A
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