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My Geocaching - Fizzy Well Rounded Master List (shared, public)

List Owner: Brainzane & Yossface

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This is our master list of all Fizzy Well Rounded challenge caches. uses this list to award cachers Fizzy Well Rounded GeoAchievement Badges. If you know of any missing caches, please email us at

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC57NAV Unknown Cache AK - Cover All - Fizzy Challenge Bingo

GC1K275 Unknown Cache AL - AL Well Rounded Cacher (Fizzy Challenge)

GC3711Y Unknown Cache AL - Alabama's Double Fizzy Challenge

GC828M8 Unknown Cache AL - Challenge FIZZY Completion on J7

GC3PYWY Unknown Cache AL - Gridmania - Level 1 Challenge

GC3PYYR Unknown Cache AL - Gridmania - Level 2 Challenge

GC3PZ01 Unknown Cache AL - Gridmania - Level 3 Challenge

GC4QR36 Unknown Cache AL - Gridmania - Level 4 Challenge

GC74JMD Unknown Cache AL - Gridmania - Level 5 Challenge

GC47TTZ Unknown Cache AL - Mobile Cache Challenge

GC71BJX Unknown Cache AL - SouthEast Alabama FIZZY Challenge

GC4TQAN Unknown Cache AL - The California Fizzy Challenge: In ALABAMA!!

GC3BVE2 Unknown Cache AL - Triple Fizzy Challenge

GC8NBDQ Unknown Cache AR - NWA "FIZZY" D/T Challenge! 😎

GC7D8KF Unknown Cache AR - NWA D/T Grid Challenge

GC3QTAW Unknown Cache AR - The Arkansas Fizzy Challenge

GC3YJVE Unknown Cache Australia - MAP's Manning Mini-Matrix Challenge

GC4T46Q Unknown Cache Australia - Project 81 Master Challenge

GC1D712 Unknown Cache AZ - Arizona Well Rounded Cacher (Fizzy Challenge)

GC5GB20 Unknown Cache AZ - CGCC010 Challenge Bingo Fizzy Blackout
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