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Florida "Solve at Your Desk" Puzzle Caches - FGA Central West Region (shared, public)

List Owner: ePeterso2

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All of the caches on this bookmark list contain puzzles that can be solved at your desk without visiting the cache location.

The caches on this list are sorted by increasing difficulty as rated by each cache owner.

This list is a work in progress. If you see a cache listing that is not included in this list but should be (including archived caches), please let me know and I'll be happy to add it.

There is a separate bookmark list for each FGA region to keep this list from becoming too unwieldy. Counties in this FGA region: Citrus, Hernando, Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Polk, and Sumter

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC45C3 Unknown Cache 1.0 - GC45C3 - Ya Can't Pin It On Me!
  by Faithwalker & DaMama  

GCPBH0 Unknown Cache 1.5 - GCPBH0 - Circle B Bar Puzzle Extravaganza
  by Eagle Dad  

GCTRBN Unknown Cache 1.5 - GCTRBN - Wheel of Fortune
  by Yo Sport  

GCW3R0 Unknown Cache 1.5 - GCW3R0 - The Old " COVERED BRIDGE "
  by SneakySnakes  

GCZM1T Unknown Cache 1.5 - GCZM1T - Horizontal Tree
  by rayiam  

GC113FP Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC113FP - Tampa Test
  by Dorylane  

GC11QM2 Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC11QM2 - "OYR" WannaBe #11
  by JerseyGirl & Bruno  

GC1BWBE Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC1BWBE - Super Bowl Trivia
  by BumperMcV  

GC1CAGX Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC1CAGX - ASH # 3 - School Series - English
  by AshtheGeoGenius  

GC1E95D Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC1E95D - Fair and Square
  by Lostmymarbles with help from Lostmymarbles2  

GC1EXPM Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC1EXPM - At0vary 0ubel-us
  by WW.Wilma  

GC1F3JE Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC1F3JE - ASH # 5 - School Series - Driver's Ed
  by AshtheGeoGenius  

GC1GJTN Unknown Cache 2.0 - GC1GJTN - Pen the Piggy
  by WW.Wilma  

GCPZKR Unknown Cache 2.0 - GCPZKR - Ringy Dingy
  by Kipkay & Mindles  

GCR2QA Unknown Cache 2.0 - GCR2QA - LogoLoco
  by pazooter  

GCRBDR Unknown Cache 2.0 - GCRBDR - A Catchy Tune
  by Grey Wolf and Wild Rice  

GCRDJ6 Unknown Cache 2.0 - GCRDJ6 - " OYR " Want to Be # 2
  by SneakySnakes  

GCRDJ9 Unknown Cache 2.0 - GCRDJ9 - " OYR " Want to Be # 3
  by SneakySnakes  

GCRDJF Unknown Cache 2.0 - GCRDJF - " OYR " Want to Be # 4
  by SneakySnakes  

GCRDJH Unknown Cache 2.0 - GCRDJH - " OYR " Want to Be # 5
  by SneakySnakes  
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